Turning Your Beach Home into the Ideal Vacation Rental

Turning Your Beach Home into the Ideal Vacation Rental

Year by year, a multitude of travelers seek a relaxing destination to enjoy the heat of the summer. After scrolling through pages and pages of beach rental listings, most families book a property based on the images they see of it. 

This shows that the presentation of your residence is very important to the success of your vacation rental enterprise. Here are ways to get your seaside property ready to please your guests and bring them back to the beach again each year.

Choose Beachy Decor 

When you originally set up your home, you naturally chose decor that suited your taste. But now that you are using it as a vacation home for others, tailor the interior design in ways that will attract a larger amount of people. 

A good rule of thumb is to provide what the traveler expects to see within a certain community. To celebrate the nearby beach, select a nautical theme with colors that are influenced by the ocean, sun, and sand. Keep the style chic yet subtle by leaving the walls and furniture white and adding in shades of blue and yellow. 

Going for a rustic modern look will aptly suit your vacation home’s setting, while also providing a more authentic coastal experience.

Supply Summery Sundries

Your guests will likely bring some of their own necessities for the time they plan to spend on the sand, but it will definitely maximize positive reviews if you supply some of your own beach sundries. These can include: 

  • Sun screen

  • Aloe vera 

  • Recreational items (boogie boards, volleyballs, goggles, kids’ sand toys, etc.) 

  • Beach towels

  • Beach umbrellas

Having these handy will surely only amplify the favorable impressions your guests have of your vacation rental. Plus, it shows that you have their best interests in mind. 

Encourage Outdoor Enjoyment

Your guests will also want to get the most of the beautiful weather so provide modern outdoor seating that will allow them to relax in the shade of your property. This ensures the exterior décor matches the interior décor, while still maximizing the comfort of your vacation rental. 

Equip the outdoor space with a fire pit, heat lamps, grill, and a dining space so that guests can truly relish the ocean air – even when they’re not on the sand. 

Consider placing a Bluetooth speaker outside so that guests can hook up their phones while they grill, eat, and hang out outdoors among the fresh ocean breeze. Since you’ll mostly have visitors during the summer, keep in mind the weather will be temperate and enjoyable, therefore the outdoor area of your vacation home should be the same. 

Keep it Light & Airy

Match the easy breezy vibes of the beach to your interior design. In addition to a bright and vibrant color scheme, keep the décor minimalistic and simple. In a cozy mountain cabin, leather armchairs and plush rugs make sense. In a beach home, the light and airy look is ideal. 

Achieve this by furnishing your beach rental with sleek furnishings and encouraging plenty of natural light. Big open windows complemented with sheer white curtains will allow privacy while still letting in the sunshine.

Beachside homes attract a lot of families, so having plenty of open space will be conducive to creating play areas and reducing crowding. 

Offer Refreshing Goodies

Since summer will likely be your biggest season, welcome guests with some refreshing choices to beat the heat and make their stay near the water all the more authentic. Leaving out a fresh bowl of fruit that they can munch on or throw in the blender is in a thoughtful addition. 

Consider stocking the fridge with some delicious sodas or cold, all-ages drinks. Refill ice cube trays so that guests don’t have to worry about doing that themselves as well. These small acts will go a long way toward making your guests’ stay more comfortable, and making your vacation home feel like their actual home. 

There are plenty of basics that go into transforming your home into a vacation rental, but giving it that beachside vibe is essential for maximizing appeal and profitability.