Tying the Knot at Home? How to Use Your Garden as an Amazing Photo Backdrop

San Diego Outdoor Weddings

San Diego Outdoor Weddings

With the cost of getting married around the $35k mark, plenty of couples are opting to tie the knot at home. A simple wedding in your back garden will save you lots of money, but what you do miss out on if you don’t book a fancy venue is a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos. A Hudson Valley wedding photographer will be able to suggest some great places for wedding photos. However, if this is a strictly DIY wedding on a shoestring budget, here are some ideas to help you stage your garden as a beautiful backdrop.

Garden Design

Take a good look at your garden. Make sure it is tidy and suitable for a home wedding. Grass needs to be clipped nice and short, bushes and shrubs pruned, and flowers deadheaded. Your photos will benefit from some background color, so depending on the season, buy some bedding plants and fill up the borders with flowers. 

Lighting is also important. Poor light ruins photos, so it is better to shoot your photos in RAW. You can then manipulate the lighting in your post-wedding edits. Don’t forget that you can take some amazing photos at dusk, just at the point where the light is beginning to fade. Solar lights are perfect for the evening. Hang solar string lights in trees and use post lights to illuminate pathways and garden features. 

Consider the best angles for your wedding photos. Think about the backdrop for your photos and take some test shots to see how they work. You won’t have unlimited opportunities on the day to keep taking photos, especially if there are kids in the wedding party, so it is a good idea to plan your photos in advance. 

Floral backdrops work brilliantly, as evidenced by Kim and Kanye’s Italian wedding. You won’t be able to afford a backdrop like that, but you can improvise by growing a climbing rose, honeysuckle, or wisteria along a wall or fence. Alternatively, collect flowers and thread them through some discrete netting as your floral backdrop.

Crowdsourcing Wedding Photos

It is impossible for one person to be in multiple locations at once. These days, everyone has an HD camera phone, so it should be fairly easy to end up with a wide range of shots from the day. Ask everyone who attends the wedding to upload their photos into a shared folder so you can select the best ones. 

Seasonal Weddings

Summer weddings are popular, as the weather is more likely to be sunny and it’s warm enough to hold a reception outdoors. However, don’t dismiss the notion of a winter wedding. Imagine how scenic your garden will be with snow or frost on the ground. You could take some amazing photos with snow-covered shrubs and frosted branches. As long as you don’t spend all day staging your shots, nobody will end up with hypothermia. 

The great thing about digital photos is that you can post the best shots on social media, so create an Instagram account and have fun!

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