Types of Travel Insurance Plans for your Schengen Trip

If you are scheduling a trip to a Schengen country or a few, you are bound to buy travel insurance to make your journey smooth.  Travel insurance covers you against losses you may incur over medical emergencies, theft, lost baggage or passport, flight delays, etc. There are 29 European countries that come under the Schengen Agreement, which does away with separate visa restrictions for each country. So, now if you wish to travel to any one or more of the 29 Schengen countries, you need to get only one Schengen visa which will be valid for all 29 countries.

The different Schengen Travel Insurance plans would be:

  • Travel insurance plans valid for one round trip
  • Travel insurance plans valid for multiple trips
  • Travel insurance plans for senior citizens, those over 70 years of age

Your Schengen travel insurance policy would typically cover:

  • Injury caused by an accident during your trip
  • Dental treatment requiring anesthesia post an accident
  • Expenses incurred for emergency repatriation to India
  • The total loss you suffer for checked-in baggage
  • In case of lost passport, the cost of obtaining a duplicate one
  • Expenses incurred for emergency medical treatment on your trip owing to sudden illness or death
  • Expenses incurred due to permanent disability caused by an accident while using a common carrier
  • If you have to be admitted to a hospital for more than seven days, the expense of the return ticket of a family member who comes to visit you
  • In the event of loss of life, the expense of transporting your mortal remains back to home will be reimbursed to your family
  • If you should unintentionally cause injury or death to a third party or their property, the expenses incurred owing to this will be compensated for

Expenses that travel insurance would not normally cover are as follows:

  • If you undertake the travel against the advice of your doctor and have to be hospitalized, the expenses incurred will not be compensated
  • If you are currently under any specific medical treatment or are awaiting it
  • If you are traveling abroad specifically to get medical treatment then your travel insurance will not cover the incumbent expenses
  • If you have been told of a projected terminal medical condition, your travel insurance will not compensate you
  • Expenses incurred due to specific conditions, such as suicide, self-inflicted injuries, anxiety or depression, mental disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, venereal diseases, HIV or AIDS, expenses due to war in the country of your travel, no partial losses owing to misplaced baggage
  • It is mandatory for you to disclose any pre-existing medical condition, failing which you will be compensated for any expenses arising out of such non-disclosure
  • If you lose your passport or it is stolen due to your negligence, or the expenses incurred because you failed to inform the authorities will also not be compensated

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