Five Unexpected Ways Quiz Clothing Dresses Can Make Your Life Better

Put A Little ‘Pop’ and ‘Sparkle’ into Your Wardrobe with Quiz Clothing Dresses


2019 has officially arrived. It’s time to make an impact with your clothing. Quiz Clothing offers hot fashion designs for every type of woman!


2018 was filled with choice outfit highs and significant outfit lows. This happened to celebrities yes, but also to us too! Have you ever looked back and wished that you wore that sparkling dress you couldn’t stop drooling over in the mall to your cousins wedding instead of the one your mom had sent and nagged you to wear? We do, too. This year: make it different. Quiz Clothing features affordable stylish designs for every lady looking to shine for every occasion. From evening dresses, to jumpsuits, to accessories, and more, Quiz clothing has an outfit piece for every fashion forward female out there. Follow with me as we dive into 10 dresses to will make you pop and sparkle this 2019.


Black and Silver Sequin Chevron Wrap Dress

We’re going to start off shining with this one! You can tell it sparkles in even the lowest of lights just from looking at it. In this, no one could resist feeling like a shining star. The glimmering texture of the dress screams for a killer night out on the town. Priced at $72.00 it does not break the bank meaning you should definitely splurge on the matching shoes too, right!


Magenta Velvet Cowl Nick Bodycon Dress

Foxy Mama! Now this is what all your friends will be yelling when you come down the staircase in this one. The magenta tone of this dress adds a perfect pop of color for the New Year. It’s bright, it’s flirty, and it’s fun. It is a triple threat all in one. Let us not forget that, with an original price of $45.00, it is currently on sale for $27.00, which is a deal you simply cannot beat! Tap into your Velvet Vixen this year!


Bottle Green Glitter Midi Dress

A sparkle and pop all in one! With its glittery green material this dress definitely sets itself apart from the others. A Bardot style gives you a nice peek at the shoulders, one of the hottest body parts to go bare this year, while still providing adequate support with delicate spaghetti straps. It has a Midi hem line to show off a little bit of leg too all for only $63.00.


Royal Blue Velvet Bodycon Dress

Let us face it… Velvet is back in. Royal blue and velvet combined? Unstoppable. I think it is safe to say to say that this combination is killer! With long sleeves, this dress is classy and elegant while still having some great edge and wildness to it. The shoulder pads give it a timeless; classic look while still remaining trendy and currently priced at $36.00 it definitely can be a statement wardrobe piece to reflect the new year.


Black Glitter Bardot Midi Dress

Clearly, Bardot is here to stay, so why not really go for it? This dress is classy and sheek all at the same time with a mid-knee hemline that shows modesty without loss of style. It is currently on sale for $45.00 which is impeccable since this dress can be adapted to any setting. Throw on a jacket and wear for the office, or leave the shoulders to flirt on your next date night. This dress is made to turn heads!


Brown and Black Leopard Print Wrap Bodycon Dress

Me-OW! This dress is hot, hot fire and currently going fast at the slashed price of just $18.00! Animal print is great at making an impact and you are sure to have eyes popping out when you are seen in this! Wild and sexy is what this dress screams with its print, cut, and slit up the knee. Show your wild side for your next night out on the town with your girlfriends. Growl power!


Black and Silver Glitter Wrap Dress

Black will never go out of style, and you sure won’t in this dress! Glitter adds fun and sparkle while the wrap style of the dress provides comfort and movability. This dress goes for $54.00 and is perfect for anyone looking to shine subtly. The extra sparkle gives you the ability to catch eyes without being overly ostentatious, which makes it easy to wear this dress for multiple occasions. Pair with shining accessories to brighten it up for the night or sandals for a casual lunch.


Mustard Bardot Frill Midi Dress

Another off-the-shoulder frock for you, but this time in mustard! This dress is a bright fun color that is perfect for making an impact this year. With its otherwise plain fabric this dress still remains an eye catcher for its bright and fun color. Warm colors like this brighten any room they are in and the ruffled sleeves provide a little extra fun to the dress. The open shoulders keep it fun and flirty. This dressed is priced at $41.00.


Red Velvet Wrap Asymmetrical Bodycon Dress

Red will forever be the hottest color. It is the color of fire and it is the color of this dress, so ooh you could be the girl on fire! It is modestly priced at $63.00, which is shocking primarily because of the sheek, stylish attributes of it. The asymmetrical cut adds such an edgy flare to the already daring color. An extra hint of leg from this design most definitely ups the sexy-o-meter of this one!


Gold Sequin V Neck Fishtail Maxi Dress

We saved the best for last because the only true way to be a shining star in 2019 is to actually dress like one. In this golden maxi dress you will shine brighter than all the stars in the night sky. This dress drips in shimmery gold that will impress all eyes that fall upon it. When they talk about getting dressed to impress they definitely mean this dress. It is currently on sale for $126.00 from its original of $162.00.


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