Unique Wedding Themes 2017

Ditch a Boring Wedding This Season and Explore Something More Fun!

Beach Wedding in San Diego

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[Updated] It’s easy to get wrapped up in the basic wedding themes you’ll see this upcoming wedding season. Whether they were born from Pinterest boards or countless bridal magazines, the traditional wedding themes can become a bit monotonous. To ease you out of the commonality of boring wedding theme trends, we here at FINE are ready to introduce you to an array of unique wedding themes that you’ll adore!

A Destination Wedding

We’ve all been to a beach themed wedding, and although destination wedding themes can be typical and drab, not all destination weddings have to be Hawaiian or tropical. A destination-themed wedding is perfect for the traveling couple or culturally diverse couple who wants to incorporate their travels into their wedding. Have the flair of travel without the expensive plane tickets! Embrace the travel theme and decorations complete with passport placeholders and map decorations. Try making each table represent a different country, complete with centerpieces highlighting specific landmarks or details native to the country.

Hire entertainment or feature music typical of your destination to give the entire venue a far-off feel. Top off the night with foods from various cultures, and you’re set to impress family and friends with your destination wedding, all without having to travel anywhere!

Literary Unique wedding

A Literary Love Affair

Books can truly make a difference in a person’s life and can influence them to commemorate their love for a literary work by making it their wedding theme! For example, the numerous Harry Potter books became a childhood favorite for millions of children growing up. These books are the perfect inspiration for any couple that treasures the magic within them. It’s easy to go the subtle route, with small references to the books on decorations, or go bold and really create a space even a wizard would take pride in.

The Lord of the Rings also has an effect on modern day readers, so what better way to preserve that sentiment than by recreating the world of Middle Earth! Your only limit is your imagination with this theme, as some couples have all of their guests and wedding party dress up in authentic LOTR attire.

Choose a book that speaks to your shared interests or childhood memories, and incorporate adorable details in a sly way like in color choices or flower arrangements. Don’t be afraid to go over the top and really bring your theme together with table centerpieces and food options specific to that book.

Renaissance Fair is a Unique Wedding

Renaissance Fair Wedding

On the subject of dressing up, why not go all the way with a Renaissance theme straight from the Middle Ages? Set back the clock with decorations and cuisine you’d find at a Renaissance festival. Incorporate authentic dances and wedding rituals from the period, and you’ll create an unforgettable wedding full of real tradition. Add in a few goblets to toast with, and include even a sword or two!

If costumes and turkey legs aren’t what you envisioned for your big day but you want the Renaissance theme, go for a more subdued event with hints of the Middle Ages. Ditch the authentic dress and keep the table centerpieces and decorations to have the best of both worlds. Your guests are sure to revel in the uniqueness your wedding brings to the table this wedding season.