Urban Dog Solutions: A Superior Product

The Benefits of Using the Urban Dog Solutions Product go Beyond the Green Grass

Urban Dog Solutions

Photo Used With Permission

What started out as a way to avoid having to get up numerous times every night to take her dog out to tinkle, quickly grew into a thriving business for Tricia Crespin and her business partner, Oscar Urteaga. According to A Pets Life, Urban Dog Solutions started when Tricia moved into a high rise apartment in San Diego, away from what her fur-baby was used to (he was used to a suburban environment in Arizona). Her elderly dog, Teddy, had to pee all the time from a medication he was on for a heart condition that had diuretic properties. Finally, she was fed up with the tedious trips up and down the elevator every night.  

After many failed attempts at alternatives for inside urination for her pup, Oscar worked with Tricia to develop a product that used a tray, real grass, and a deodorizer (their secret formula) to get Teddy to understand his new “urination situation.” When Tricia (Founder and co-owner of Urban Dog Solutions) and Oscar (co-owner of Urban Dog Solutions) observed that their friends and neighbors shared and understood the issue of constantly losing precious time and sleep from having to take the dog outside, they saw a growing opportunity in the market. And thus, Urban Dog Solutions took root.

What is Urban Dog Solutions?

Urban Dog Solutions is a cost effective and practically effortless subscription service that provides your pet with fresh grass to go to the bathroom on in an urbanized area in downtown San Diego. This service strives to give dogs a more natural way to use “the toilet” in an unnatural environment.


What makes Urban Dog Solutions a superior option for your pet’s bathroom needs?

Urban Dog Solutions is a superior product for numerous reasons. First of all (and perhaps, most importantly of all), Urban Dog Solutions real grass “pee patch” comes in a container that is specifically designed to absorb liquids and protect against odors. Let’s get real, small spaces don’t need big odors; am I right? This fact alone makes this the ideal solution for urban living with canines, and yet, that’s not all that makes this product one of the best on the market. For example, unlike other similar companies, Urban Dog Solutions is nearly effortless due to the fact that they deliver the grass and take care of messes for you!

Additionally, according to Urban Dog Solution’s website, other similar products use artificial turf, but “dogs naturally want to go on real grass.” One can easily speculate that dogs love an option that replicates the outdoor environment that they’re used to. Giving your animal the option of using real grass to urinate will make it less likely that your dog(s) will have accidents on your floors. Plus, if you ever decide to move to a suburban area, the transition should be way easier on your pet. Urban Dog Solutions uses a lush Fescue grass (grass may change depending on the season) that dogs just love and find easier to use than the alternative products.

Urban Dog Solutions also hopes that the small businesses in urbanized areas will benefit from this transition since dogs will no longer have to relieve themselves anywhere grass is available (generally, in front of small businesses).


Where does Urban Dog Solutions deliver?

Urban Dog Solutions delivers in the following area codes: 92101, 92102, 92103, 92104, 92105, 92108, 92111, and 92123 (this includes the neighborhoods: North Park, Golden Hill, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest and Downtown). And remember, deliveries take less than ten minutes!



Urban Dog Solutions offers two different size real grass trays:

  1.  The regular sized tray (31”x 19”) is best for dogs up to 25 pounds
  2. The extra-large tray (48″ x 24″) is better for medium and large breed dogs



The monthly subscription charge for the regular sized tray is $130 per month and $180 a month for the extra-large tray. The subscription service includes four personal fresh grass deliveries WITH cleanup service. You do not have to be home for your delivery (although their employees would be happy to discuss how you’re enjoying the product and answer any questions you may have). If you can’t be home for delivery, simply leave the used grass patch on your front step and their staff will take care of the rest.

If you and your pet desire to give this amazing system a try, a week-long trial can be purchased for $35. Urban Dog Solutions also offers training and consulting services to get your dog adjusted to using their new potty product. Give them a call to get more details on this handy service. Urban Dog Solutions can be reached at: 619-796-DOGS (3647).

According to the Rental Housing Journal, Urban Dog Solutions also plans on including services for dog walking, dog sitting, and transportation for vet appointments as they continue to expand their company.