Using Creativity to Spice Things Up: Make Your Dining Room Appear Bigger in 10 Easy Steps

Making a small room appear more spacious than it really is one of the most common requests that interior designers face. So, what is the answer to the question? Well, in most cases it is all about tricking the senses into believing that there is more space than there really is. After you’ve tried using all the neutral tones you can hope to and brought in all the natural light possible, sometimes you need a few extra tricks to trick the mind’s eye.


Take a look at this article to explore just how easy it can be to make your dining room look not only bigger but still harmonious and beautiful at the same time.


1. Let’s start at the bottom

The floor is in place to serve a definite practical purpose, but we can all agree that have a beautiful floor is important too.

Certain floors can also make the room appear smaller than it actually is. If you want to avoid this issue, then try to find a type of flooring that you can put in place in a manner that flows uninterrupted. This helps to make the room feel as though it is part of one big space, instead of broken up into smaller parts.

If you use timber flooring, then use wider boards.

If you use tiles, then choose larger tiles. This minimizes the grout lines and helps to convince the eye that the floor area is larger.


2. The Walls

It is common knowledge that more neutral or paler shades help to make a room seem brighter and therefore larger. But, did you know that the reason that lighter walls make a room seem larger is that the brighter colored wells reflect light, thereby enhancing the effects of the natural light in your dining room. And when you are considering what color to use on your walls, remember to avoid too much contrast between different surfaces, including your dining table, dining chairs even the floors.

And here’s another little trick, make the door trims and the skirting boards a little bit lighter than the walls. This helps to make the room appear even more open and larger.


3. The Windows

While windows obviously serve the purpose of letting in natural light, they may have to be covered for some part of the day. Whether this is for privacy or other reasons, there are a few things you can do to ensure that even closed windows open up a room. By ensuring the window treatments and the wall color is the same, you can help make your room appear larger. Furthermore, you can help your small room by hanging your curtains high and letting them cascade all the way to the floor.


4. The Mirrors

Mirrors can help to bounce light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter. What’s more, having more mirrors in your dining room help you to make the room appear larger as well. For a truly smart move, you can reflect backlight or an open window into the rest of the room.


5. The Lighting

Maximizing your natural light that enters the room is one way to make it seem larger. However, once the sun sets than more help are needed to brighten the room. When you are selecting your lighting, choose long floor lamps that share the same base and shade colors. Also, beware of chunky floor lamps that can make floors seem smaller than they are. You want to provide adequate illumination for the entire room, and choose provides an atmosphere similar to natural light.


6. The Doors

If you do not have any doors leading into, out of or simply inside the dining room then you can skip straight past this point. But, some people do have internal doors that can take up valuable space. If you can remove doors, then it can be a handy alternative to save space. If the door is essential, then you should consider a sliding door so that the door doesn’t have to swing open. Again, try to keep all the colors, shades and tone harmonious.


7. The Shelving and The Storage

Again, this could be another factor that you may not have to be too concerned about in your dining room. However, you may have shelves that you need in the dining room. If this is the case, then chances are you are looking for the right solution for your small dining room. One solution is to put in floor-to-ceiling shelving. Another thing to bear in mind is to make sure that all your shelving is either not open or closed. If all the shelving is open, then you can risk making your room appear cluttered. And if it is all closed, you could risk losing charm in the room. The solution is to keep some shelving open and keep some closed.


8. The Furniture

When choosing your dining chairs, keep them simple, with a low chair back and in a similar color to the rest of the dining room’s color scheme. Round dining room tables can also help you to make a smaller room appear larger.


9. The Art

By placing artwork above the eyeline, you help to make the room appear larger by giving the perspective of increased height. If you want to display more than one art piece, then play with the sizes. Arrange a couple of smaller pieces around the largest piece.


10. Other Decorations

Keep it simple. Clutter makes a room appear smaller than it already is, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid displaying a few decorative pieces altogether. The trick is to decide on a few pieces that you love, and then to display them in careful thought out places.


Remember that the most important aspect of your dining room is that it is a place where friends and family gather. So keep it minimal to increase the space, but keep it feeling homely and comfortable.