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Utopia Music Festival

Finding Youtopia: Explore the Temporary Community of Entertainment, Art and Spiritual Discovery


In utopia, community and government work in harmony to create a perfect society. It’s typically considered to be an imaginary place, existing only in the world of fiction. But is the idea that far from reality? 

Enter YOUtopia. A local and regional offshoot of Burning Man, YOUtopia is San Diego’s own art and music festival that takes place annually over four days on the La Jolla Indian Campground. The event strives to be more than just a weekend of camping and concerts. Instead, YOUtopia creates an isolated community of acceptance and co-dependence.

The campground comes to life with fascinating structures, interactive art and mutant vehicles (think carnival floats based on structural art). The interactive experience makes it easy to lose track of time as attendees explore the sights and sounds of the weekend.

Utopis Music Festival_La Jolla

Musicians, fire spinners, painters and performers (of both the visual and applied arts) surround the community at all times and offer some scheduled—but often spontaneous—displays. As a body-positive and environmentally-conscious community full of fun and celebration, there is substantial entertainment value and a culture of spiritual and educational balance. A temple structure exists for whatever holds the most meaning for each attendee, as well as workshops in the arts, social engagement activities (think philanthropy), self-realization, healing and more.

Artists at the festival can apply for grants in advance, and this year's artists have received more than $80,000 from San Diego nonprofit organizations. The San Diego Collaborative Arts Project and CoLab are two primary organizations involved with the artistic side of YOUtopia. CoLab has helped provide funding and space for pieces that have been showcased at Maker Faire in Balboa Park, the Pride Parade, Art Around Adams and Figment San Diego.

With no money or barter beyond buying ice and coffee, this temporary society lives on a principle of gifting, in which festival attendees bring everything they need and something extra to give. Organized entirely by volunteers, through the San Diego Collaborative Arts Project (SDCAP), YOUtopia is an impressive example of how a community can come together in creativity.

YOUtopia and other similar events have expanded from the solo, Burning Man in Las Vegas, to locations all over the world. What started as a simple bonfire to mark the summer solstice is now a massive social and collaborative gathering. Thirty-one years later, Burning Man hosts more than 75,000 attendees from all over the world who trek to the remote Black Rock Desert, to create a temporary city. Burning Man has become a global phenomenon of grand proportions. Alternatively, San Diego’s regional event creates a more intimate experience within the Southern California community—its numbers come in at around 3,500 participants.

The journey to YOUtopia becomes a trek to self-realization and healing. Be sure to check out this unforgettable event, where art, culture, and community meet. YOUtopia takes place October 19th-22nd at the La Jolla Indian Campgrounds.