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New ad accelerator technology will help local artists


Aspiring filmmaker Stan Wong was frustrated. The same ad had just played 11 times as he clicked through various articles posted to a website. Like most people, he wasn’t really watching the ad. He busied himself and passed the time by checking email and scrolling down the page.

But the incident got him thinking: online advertising needs to be more efficient. “Most people aren’t willing to sit through 9 to 10 ads before they can watch the programming. They will stop using a site instead,” Wong says. “That will hurt a lot of artists and other content creators.”

One increasingly common solution is ad blocker software. But Wong was worried. He began considering the damage that ad blockers are causing. “The majority of filmmakers are trying to realize a dream. But there’s not a lot of funding available. Ad blockers are taking even more funding away from content creators. They are ultimately very damaging to [the] industry. As an artist myself, I started to realize how urgent this issue had become.”  

With the possible exception of those clever Super Bowl commercials, most of us probably feel the world would be a better place without ads. But would it really? Ads help fund everything from entrepreneurial businesses to news and entertainment websites. Without them, we may all wind up paying for content we currently love to watch for free.

Wong started developing VAAC Army, the first–ever voice–activated ad accelerator app. This alternative to ad blockers gives users more control over how much advertising they see, while still guaranteeing that users are paying more attention to every advertiser’s message. The app is free to both users and advertisers.

Here’s an example of how this ad accelerator works: YouTube begins playing an ad for Coca–Cola. A bar slides out, and you tap on the bar if you want to accelerate the ad. You’re then given the advertiser’s tagline to repeat aloud. In this case, “It’s the real thing.” The program recognizes the phrase and the ad goes away.

This technology is also likely to keep advertisers happier. VAAC Army can reduce three or four minutes of ads to less than a minute. “We can make everyone happier. Even advertisers will be happier because people are paying attention. Our technology guarantees engagement for every impression. We’re getting their tagline out there. Plus, studies show that people have much higher memory retention when they recite a phrase instead of just watching it. No one else can do this.”

The voice–activated ad accelerator’s dashboard also resolves many users’ frustrations with traditional ad blockers. “Most will only block from a browser. They won’t work if you’re using someone else’s app. That’s a problem, because most of us don’t open a browser to watch videos. We open an app such as CNN or YouTube,” explains Wong.

To learn more about voice–activated ad compression, visit VAAC Army. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store (iPhones), Amazon (Androids) and the Chrome Web Store (Chrome). Note: To use the VAAC Army app, you must uninstall any ad blockers.