Visiting England? 5 Things to Do During Your Visit

London Big Ben

London is often the first port of call for tourists wanting to experience England. Yet, you must look beyond Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben if you want to experience all the beauty, history and character of England. Read on to find out the top five things to do during a visit to the country.

  1. Experience the Lake District 

The Lake District has recently been granted a World Heritage Site thanks to its natural beauty. If you want to experience rolling green hills, a plethora of hiking trails and quintessential English country pubs, you should make your way to the heart of Cumbria. In addition to being famous for its stunning lakes, mountains, and forests, the Lake District also has a strong literary background, as it was here William Wordsworth wrote some of his most famous poems.

  1. Check Out the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

Liverpool has played an integral role in British history. Take a walk along the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, which features six historic centers and docklands that have been granted World Heritage Status. The docks were once deemed the greatest port in the world, as international cargo, immigrants and slaves were transported to and from the city. It was also here that the Battle of the Atlantic was fought and won during World War II, which was a key factor in the Allies’ victory.

While you’re in the city, experience the buzz of Liverpool auctions, learn more about the rise of The Beatles, or view RMS Titanic artifacts at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, as the city was the birthplace of the ill-fated liner.

  1. Visit Shakespeare’s Hometown

Do you love and admire the works of William Shakespeare? You’ll fall in love with the bard’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, which has been well-preserved since his death. Not only can you experience the playwright’s home of New Place, but you can also pay tribute to the world’s most famous writer at Shakespeare’s Grave in Holy Trinity Church, before attending a Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

  1. View the Roman Baths

For a unique city break that will leave you breathless, visit Bath. You can experience the Roman Baths to learn more about the public bathing routine throughout the 19th century. The beautifully-preserved baths welcome an incredible one million visitors each year, and some of the highlights include the Sacred Spring, Roman Bath House, and the Roman Temple.

  1. See Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most famous and mysterious sites on the planet. Many archaeologists believe it dates back to 3000 BC to 2000 BC, which is why it gained UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1986. While there is much speculation about Stonehenge, no-one can be 100% sure why Stonehenge was created during the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age. So, you can trust there is no other site quite like it across the world.

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