Want a Great Haircut Every Time?

Men's Hairstyle Guide and Best Barbers in San Diego

A side part with personality

Photos used with permission

When you go to the barber, it can be challenging to get exactly what you want. You have a vision in your head of an ideal cut, but you’re not sure how to relay it to your barber. Instead, you settle for a vague description of what you want and hope that you end up satisfied. Here’s what to ask for to get the stylish cut you’re looking for every time you visit the barber.


A classic, tapered cut that leaves the top of the head short and everywhere else even shorter.


This is similar to the crew cut—short sides, longer on top—but the Ivy League leaves enough length on top to style into a side part. It’s a timeless and sophisticated look that doesn’t take much effort to maintain.


If you’re going for a short style, it’s hard to go wrong with a fade. A fade is where your hair tapers from the top to the bottom, in varying lengths. Typically, the hair on top is left short, but lately many men have been rocking fades with more length on top. The high fade usually leaves the sides almost completely buzzed, while a low fade lets you keep a little more hair on each side. If you want something in between, ask for a mid-fade. Using gel or pomade, you can style your hair neatly for a more formal look or give it a low-maintenance appearance by messing up the top with your fingers.


Another timeless look for men who want to keep a little length in their hairstyle while still coming off as classy and mature. It can be attained by asking your barber for a longer, but tapered, buzz on the sides—around a ‘5’ in length—and a trim on top. Ask your barber to leave enough hair to allow for a side part. To style, find your natural part and use a high-quality pomade on slightly damp hair to push it over and work it into place.


The quiff is a style that is boldly rugged, with a bit more subtlety than the large and flowy style of the pompadour haircut. In a quiff, the hair is often piled up on top in a way that is handsome and confident, while at the same time appearing haphazardly tousled. Length upfront contrasted with a shortness everywhere else creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair.


For those who wish to look elegant without sacrificing their long hair, the slicked back style is a great option. When you go to get a cut, ask your barber to maximize length and sleekness rather than layer the long hair. Then, to style, run a decent portion of shine cream or pomade through your hair before combing it all back.


The listed prices represent the cost of a basic haircut at each barbershop. More services may be offered by the shop, and you can find out more about these services on the shop’s website.


Lefty’s has been operating since the 1950s, a fact that is pretty apparent upon walking into the barbershop. You can see the vintage photos and trinkets on the walls and listen to classical music as you’re situated and prepared for your cut in an antique chair. Haircuts are affordable, and quality is high, as every cut includes a hot-lather neck shave and razor line up.


Vince’s got its start in the 1940s as a small shop providing men with quality cuts and shaves. Now, almost 80 years later, the tradition of high-grade service continues on. The shop is run by Boris Zavurov, a 5th generation barber with over 17 years of haircutting experience. Haircuts are done the old-fashioned way—a beer while you sit in the waiting room, a straight razor treatment, a shampoo, and a shoulder massage to finish it off.


Mister Brown’s fuses a rustic aesthetic with modern touches that give it a very gentlemanly, stylish feel. They have a bar fully equipped to serve drinks to patrons. It’s an atmosphere that offers much more than your usual barbershop, adding a social element that encourages you to hang around a while after the cut is finished.