Wanting Our Lives to Matter-Women Empowering Women: Share, Heal, Empower

Wanting Our Lives to Matter: Share, Heal, Empower (S.H.E.) Book

…..because within every woman is a warrior


In the news, especially during the last few months, we have seen an escalation of women’s empowerment and the force of collective strength. Women supporting women is something I care passionately about and it is precisely what the S.H.E. book emboldens.

Growing up, I learned to deal with problems on my own, silently. For years forging ahead feeling different and alone, never realizing there was a limitless wellspring of womanly wisdom just waiting for me. When I started searching for someone, anyone, who felt the same way, life started to place courageous, open-hearted women in my path. At a time when I was feeling empty and looking for answers, their stories gave me a sense of courage and camaraderie that I had never known.

With time, I started opening up to other women, exposing aspects of myself that I had grown accustomed to hiding. It was liberating allowing others to see these imperfect parts, bringing hidden hurts out into the sunlight where they could be warmed and healed. Discovering when I was vulnerable, a safe space was created where other women felt secure enough to do the same.

A mutual understanding began to form, a glorious tapestry of collective, colorful experiences. Our characteristic threads were actually twisted together with similar storylines. These exchanges brought healing to a whole new level as we shared, laughed, cried and moved forward together. S.H.E was born in that spirit of sisterhood.

During that time, meeting women like my mother or your grandmother who were not afraid to discuss their challenges or even their disappointments was impactful. Their willingness to share motivated me to provide a platform to reveal ordinary voices that might otherwise go unheard. It is likely that many of us think we are not warrior women, or that our stories are not worth sharing with others. This is precisely the reason why I wrote this book: to debunk those beliefs and prove within every woman is already a warrior.

Through an organic course of introductions and meetings, this written compilation of twenty-four authentic narratives of women from all ages and cultures came together. For some, the remembrances of stories came easily, their battle scars worn proudly for the world to see. Others took more time to warm up; they kept their secrets closely guarded the way life often teaches us to.

Twenty-four passionate artists, who were mindfully paired with their warrior women based on similar interests or struggles, have graciously created a one of a kind art piece inspired by each storyteller’s journey. In many cases, the artist was able to speak to “her” woman personally, forming a genuine connection of their own.

What this book has taught me is that we are all wounded, long to be heard, and weighed down by feelings of unworthiness. For me, the bedrock of love, friendship and community is vulnerability. Heartfelt exchanges can provide us with connection and consolation.

Each chapter represents one woman with realities ranging from a teenage YouTube vlogger who struggles with an eating disorder, to a ninety-year-old educator who survived the Holocaust with her mother. S.H.E. Share Heal Empower is rooted in honoring the evolution of the feminine by celebrating hidden heroines quietly making a difference, tucked within communities like yours. You will not find their names in The New York Times, Hollywood social media circles, or on late night television. They are warriors, nonetheless.

This book is not about offering our advice to readers, but rather offering our vulnerability, recognizing that strength and struggle go together. The woman I am and continue to become is the result of sharing, healing and empowering. It’s the beginning of a powerful conversation….


  • Please support S.H.E. and the San Diego County residents featured within this book on Saturday, August 11th from 6-10 PM at obr architectural firm on 3817 Ray Street in San Diego. Sip and mingle with artists: Kathy Fritz, Rosemary KimBal, Darby Hanson, Anita Flagg, Sharon Belknap and Cassidy Lewis and meet warrior women: Annette Higgins, a milliner from the country of Georgia; Julie Kauffman, survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer; Trish, a multi-cultural immigrant born in Vietnam and raised in Germany; Linda, a lionhearted lady, who is a small business owner and lives everyday coping with chronic illness and Desiree Rumbaugh, an internationally known yogini, who experienced tragic loss and found happiness through her healing.


  • This public event is being held at the eclectic office space of obr Architecture 3817 Ray Street located in North Park’s art & cultural neighborhood. Each woman's life story tucked within the pages of S.H.E. has been paired with artwork from twenty-four women artists...come see the unique representations on display.


  • In conjunction with this event, Ray @ Night will be taking place, which is San Diego’s largest and longest-running monthly art walk on Ray Street between University and North Park Way, directly in front of obr Architecture! The S.H.E. exhibit of artwork will be displayed in the obr gallery through September 5th, 2018.


  • S.H.E. Share Heal Empower is available now on Amazon, as a paperback and eBook. Look for the audiobook on June 20th presented on Audible. Barnes & Noble Nook Reader and Smashwords also have the eBook version for sale. You can always purchase directly through the www.sharehealempower.com website and learn more about the S.H.E. community while staying current with local events and happenings.  


  • Proceeds from the book will be donated to The S.H.E. Foundation to support and empower women of all ages and cultures, promoting positive change through education and economic self-reliance. To learn more or make a donation, visit www.sharehealempower.com.


  • As a freelance writer living in Del Mar, I have been published in various media outlets, from community and grassroots advocacy, to travel literature and personal narrative. I have always had a special place in my heart for storytelling, which has provided me a safe place to listen, learn, cry and laugh over the years. My two teenage boys still tire of me asking questions of any kind.