5 Warm Weather Camp Spots to Try This Winter

Escape the monotony of winter with these five excellent camping spots.


Camping is one of those activities that is synonymous with warm summer evenings. It’s a fabulous way to get outside, spend time with family or friends, and discover more about the environment we live in. As winter approaches, the chances of heading out camping grow slimmer, but you needn't be stuck indoors this winter. 

Here’s a look at five warm-weather camp spots that you’ll want to check out this winter.

Don’t Forget Your Gear

Of course, no camping adventure is complete without the proper gear. Woodbury Outfitters has you covered with all the basics you'll need such as fishing gear, hiking, camping accessories and gear, and rifles for sale if you’re interested in a sport of hunting. 


It should come as no surprise that Southern Arizona makes the list of places worth visiting for winter camping. The Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area is one of the standout areas in the state and can be found in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Situated 6,300 feet above sea level, you'll have a chance to enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, and some incredible bird watching. This particular site allows for tents and RVs, so you can choose just how close to nature you want to be. The clear skies and fresh air of the forest will make your troubles melt away.

Southern California

California is a beautiful state for camping, but if you choose to camp during the winter months, you’ll have to head south to guarantee sunshine. Leo Carrillo State Park could be the perfect place for winter camping, as it is located just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The park features more than 130 campsites, all of which offer easy and quick access to the beach. The turquoise water here is perfect for swimming, surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving. Along the shore, explore the numerous tide pools, or discover one of the seaside caves. Of course, there are plenty of hiking trails inland if you’d rather avoid the beaches. Under the shade of ancient Sycamores, enjoy a sanctuary from the busy day-to-day of Southern California.

Southern Texas

Texas is another state that offers perfect winter camping conditions, so long as you stick to the southern areas, where temperatures are more comfortable during the winter months. Popular winter camping spots include Padres Island National Seashore, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Lake Bob Sandlin State Park, and Colorado Bend State Park. Each offers its own unique experience, so it’s worth checking them all out at some point or another. The stark beauty of deserts, contrasting with lush forests and barren mountains defines Texan geography. For some truly epic exploring, make your way east to Texas and spend some time roughing it in nature.


Florida’s Gulf Coast always makes for a great destination in the winter. While this area is not necessarily hot, it is quite a comfortable temperature during the days and nights. Some of the standout places for camping along the Gulf Coast include Myakka River State Park, Turtle Beach Campground, and Oscar Scherer State Park. The Myakka River covers over 58 miles, crossing terrains ranging from wetlands to pine forests. A canopy walkway offers visitors a unique view of the forests, while boardwalks wind beneath. Turtle Beach is on the quiet Siesta Key, on the Southern tip of the state, and provides campers with access to world class beaches. In Florida you'll enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic and some first-rate wildlife spotting. Watch out for alligators!


The Hawaiian Islands are popular with tourists all around the world and are known for their stunning and unique scenery, incredible beaches, and laid-back atmosphere. While most people will book accommodations at one of the large chains hotels, or at a cozy bed and breakfast, not everyone realizes that Hawaii is great for camping year-round. You won’t have to worry about cold winter air here. Namakanipaio Campground is an excellent option and is found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You'll be able to take advantage of the many nature and hiking trails in the area that tour the natural lava and wild formations. The campground is car accessible, and provides restrooms, drinking water and fire pits for all visitors. The campsite is open and grassy, with tall eucalyptus trees swaying overhead.

Regardless of where you go, remember that you don't have to stay inside this winter. Across the U.S., there are so many amazing places to go camping. Despite the coming winter, many states have mild winters, with little or no freezing. Camping is the best way to get in touch with nature, and to appreciate the incredible country in which we live.