Water Filter Help: Best places to find the top whole house water filter (Mains and Cartridge Filters)



Lots of people are familiar with a filter attached to the sources where water to drink comes from, but there are also more complex systems which deliver filtered water to all outlets throughout your entire home. These are usually called either ‘whole house water filters’ or POE (Point of Entry) systems, and they generally filter both the hot and cold water supply before you use it. This means you can use water without chlorine, bacteria, small particles of debris or a funny smell! If you’d like to read more about water filters then check out the following site: www.homewaterfilterreviews.com


Ultimately then with a whole house system everything from the water which fills your kettle, flushes your toilet, is drawn on for laundry, or comes out of your shower is pure and clean. That’s great news for your health, skin, and clothes.


How to find and choose the best water filter for your home


Look at the maximum water flow

If your household has peak times when demand for water is very high you need to buy a filter with a large capacity of water flow.


Get the right filter

Water tests are advisable to make sure the contaminants in your particular water supply are being filtered out. Not all filters have the same estimated life length ether so again, households using a lot of water need a filter which will last longer.


Look at the stats

Comparison sites are also useful as they do all the research for you. For example you may be able to see at a glance, in a percentage, what levels of chlorine and bacteria are filtered out by each system, whether they have extras such as a water softener option – essential in a hard water area to extend the life of the filters, and a list of the man advantages and disadvantages of each model.


The best places to buy from

Whole house water filter systems are widely available online, from infamous selling sites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as from specialist sources and companies who work in the water industry. The major difference between these options is that when buying from an auction type site the responsibility for choosing what type of water filter system you actually need – and with the huge range of prices you have to know they are not all equal – is put on your shoulders, whereas a specialist company will be able to engage with you and answer your questions. Some may even install the filter system for you.


Comparison sites or blogs which focus on comparing particular products are pretty good for presenting lots of useful information in a logical way. For example, when the subject is whole house water filtration systems these will present charts, (and usually more detailed write-ups on either the top few or all of the products), recording all details such as price, level of difficulty for installation, the impurities it is capable of dealing with, estimated lifespan and more - so the reader can make comparisons between products more easily.