Wayne Foster Entertainment Brings Life to the Party

SHOWDANCE® performs for 10,000 guests at Corporate/Association Concert in Salt Lake City, Utah.

From weddings and birthdays to corporate functions and philanthropic events, Wayne Foster Entertainment does it all - with a personalized touch. Wayne Foster Entertainment is a group of professional musicians and performers who bring their talent to life for special occasions. Their distinctive ability to transform a client’s vision to reality is unmatched.

Wayne Foster created Wayne Foster Entertainment with his wife, Marin, decades ago in New York. Despite being blind nearly his entire life, Mr. Foster turned his passion for entertainment into a successful company with the support of his family. Wayne Foster is a pianist, musician, performer, and composer. Wayne and Marin noticed the positive impact their music had on small groups of guests. Wanting to expand on their vision, Wayne and Marin moved to California to further develop their passion.

A colorful Wayne Foster Entertainment performance

Wayne Foster’s dedication to entertainment has led to performances for a range of parties locally and internationally, including for professional athletes, celebrities, and even former Presidents of the United States.

Jacqueline Foster, CEO of Wayne Foster Entertainment, maintains the passion for her father’s mission of a high-level performance for the client. Jacqueline Foster explains that no matter how grand the performance, Wayne Foster Entertainment seeks ways to improve and stay cutting edge. Jacqueline Foster emphasizes the importance of remaining fresh and contemporary to keep the entertainment exciting and different. Wayne Foster Entertainment’s philosophy of “imitated never duplicated” ensures an event beyond your expectations by providing the ambiance specified to your needs.

Wayne Foster Entertainment pampers your event from start to finish. You may be involved at all steps in planning your event, or relax knowing everything from event design and flower décor to catering your meals will be taken care of. The event design is tailored precisely to the client’s visions. Regardless of the size of the event, the client comes first. The goal is to make sure every client’s needs are handled meticulously, which Jacqueline says is “pleasure-filled and stress-free.” Prior to an event, the client is walked through to make sure their event is just the way they envisioned it. Everything from colors to vocalists can be customized to your own desire.

A fairytale wedding becomes reality with Wayne Foster Entertainment. Whether at a beach, a winery, or your favorite venue, the immaculate and sparkling energy of the musicians as you walk into the celebration sets the ambiance for the entire evening. From a contemporary string quartet playing electric strings to a classical string quartet on acoustic strings, the wide range of music can be specified to your taste.

Jacqueline Foster performs for Jerry Bruckheimer with Jacqueline's Kittens

As the event progresses, so does the music. Wayne Foster’s musicians specialize in continuously playing music to fit the moment. The vibe of the music changes from the ceremony to cocktail, then on to reception. “When the guests come into the reception it’s upbeat, not high energy dance music that you experience later, not soft background music, but dance-in music that creates the feeling for the celebration,” says Jacqueline. Musicians can perform anything from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars. “That’s a big part of what we do,” she says. “The wide variety of music, the authenticity of the music, and the right song at the right time.” Wayne Foster Entertainment focuses on the importance of making sure the client’s entire audience is pleased with the selection of music and has a great time.

The company has grown throughout the years. Wayne Foster Entertainment began with bands but grew to full productions as the company flourished. Jacqueline Foster SHOWDANCE® is a program with a range of different shows and themes that guests can enjoy no matter the size of the event. The concept is theatrical, musical, and visual with an array of colorful costumes, spectacular dancers, and amazing choreography. The guests can be seated to enjoy the performance, or they can dance alongside the performers, as SHOWDANCE® is very interactive. “We find that show elements are much more well received when the guests are able to be up and dancing and having fun as well, not just watching,” says Jacqueline. The performers capture the guest’s attention through their artistic talent.

Jacqueline Foster SHOWDANCE® has frequented hotels in Las Vegas. The grand opening for the Aria Hotel had 150 performers and 9 different productions in front of 3,000 guests. Whether it’s The Great Gatsby, Motown, All That Jazz, or even Blurred Lines, no idea or theme is impossible. SHOWDANCE® has covered nearly 60 different show themes, with new ideas constantly emerging. The wide variety of music and entertainment can range from a beautiful violin performance to a thrilling fire-eater. SHOWDANCE® recently produced a corporate function with a spectacular Cabaret performance at Le Grand Hotel in Paris, France.

Jacqueline Foster performs for Mayor Kevin Faulconer's Inaugural Ball

But Wayne Foster doesn’t just focus on entertainment. Wayne and Marin established a foundation that helps the blind with any challenge they may encounter. Aptly called “The Wayne Foster Foundation for the Success of the Blind,” it includes connecting individuals to the right doctors, some of which have helped miraculously cure eye disorders. The focus of the foundation is to help the blind acclimate to life and succeed in any way they can.

From playing at small weddings and grand performances to providing extensive resources for the blind, the common theme for Wayne Foster Entertainment is to bring genuine happiness for all involved. They take pride in their work and make sure that every event is unique in its own way. The next time you have a birthday, wedding, or corporate party, count on Wayne Foster Entertainment to make it a celebration you will never forget.