12 Ways To Make Your Home Modern And Comfortable


People who want a modern, on-trend kind of home may think that they have to give up on comfort to get it. Those who want a comfortable home may think that they can’t also be stylish and designer. However, the truth is that these two things can indeed come together perfectly, allowing for both modernity and comfort to sit side by side in any home. Here are some ways to ensure that it happens.


The Golden Touch

Gold is the biggest, brightest, most interesting finish for homes right now. It’s time to change the brushed nickel and bronze and swap the silver because gold is the design statement of the year – and beyond. You don’t need to go completely gold (because that may well become uncomfortable, not to mention expensive), but changing a few items here and there such as light fixtures, door furniture, or kitchen cabinet hardware can make your home gleam and not take away any of its comfort or practicality.


Wooden Taxidermy

If you want your home to have a more lodge-style look then adding some wooden, cruelty-free taxidermy to the walls can be the perfect way to do it. Because these items are placed high up, they won’t get in the way of the day to day use of the rooms, but they will also be eye-catching and dramatic. This playful way to bring the modern design world into a more traditional style is clever and interesting, and it looks gorgeous when it is completed.


Splashes Of Color

Not that long ago, houses were designed to be beige, gray, neutral places. Times are changing, and if you want to be as modern as it gets, you’ll need to add some splashes of color to your home. What you shouldn’t do is paint an entire room in one bright color because not only will this be too much, it will also probably make you uncomfortable, at least after a while when you’re no longer getting used to it.


Instead of painting an entire room, it’s best to just add small hints of the bright color. You might, for example, just paint one wall and leave the rest white or cream. You could leave the walls as they are, and bring color into the room using blinds or drapes, lampshades, and cushions. What’s great about doing this is that if you get tired of one color, you can change it for another easily.


Wood On The Walls

Everyone is trying to be more environmentally aware and using sustainable items in your home décor is a good way to make a difference. What is in right now in terms of design is reclaimed wooden flooring being used on walls to create an interesting, weathered look that will certainly catch the eye. You can have floorboards, for example, or you could even have parquet flooring in a herringbone pattern. It will all look stunning.


Back The Bookshelf

Every home needs to have a bookshelf. This is both a stylistic thing and a general one – what home is complete without books? What you will need to do with your bookshelf though, is to create an interesting backing. Put wallpaper or a stunning bright paint color behind it so that it really pops out from the rest of the room. You can mix some ornaments, pot plants, even small pictures in frames to the mix as well, making it one of the most beautiful yet well-used items in your home.


Buying pre-made bookshelves is not a problem, and if you don’t have the time to make one yourself, this is certainly the way to go. Otherwise, you can go to a salvage yard or second-hand store and see what is there. You don’t have to buy something that was originally a bookshelf; there might be some other piece of furniture that you could turn into one. Old desks, ladders, or even tables can all be transformed with some care and attention (and a bit of imagination).


Signs Are Cool

Displaying vintage wooden signs is something that many modern designers are doing these days, and it’s no wonder when you see how good they can look. They can hang from doorways letting people know which room they are entering, or they can be outside the front door with a fun message on them. You could have them in the backyard, or over the garage. Where you put these signs is your choice, as you will know where they can fit and not get in the way. They are a quirky choice but one that works well in most situations.


These signs can be found in plenty of antique shops or online, and if you don’t like the message that is displayed, you can paint over it with your own, using the original sign as a good base.


Display Your Mason Jars

Mason jars are extremely useful objects; they can hold a lot, and they store easily. Yet modern design trends suggest that far from storing these jars away, they should be on display. If you have space on your kitchen counter, you could leave them there, but even if you do have a lot of room, those jars will still be taking up space. As an alternative, you could install a new shelf – preferably something rustic looking in thick wood – to hold your mason jars. That way they are lifted off the counter. Or why not try something totally different? Why not create hanging mason jars?


This is not as strange or as difficult as it might seem. Simply attach the lid of the jars to the underside of your kitchen cabinets and then screw the jars up into them. There you have it; hanging mason jars that aren’t taking up any extra space, that look modern and funky, and that are practical to use too.


The Chalkboard

You may already have a chalkboard up on the wall of your kitchen or hang from the front of the fridge. They’re super useful, ideal for writing reminder notes or for making a shopping list, for example. However, there is a lot more you can do with chalkboard paint than make a memo board, and it always looks great.


All you need to do is coat a tabletop, section of wall, kitchen backsplash, a piece of the patio, or anything else that will work for you with chalkboard paint (it may take a lot of paint depending on the material you are covering). Suddenly you have turned the room into something interesting and usable, creating impact and design statements all around. It’s budget-friendly too as chalkboard paint is really not expensive.


Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are nifty little features that make your home smell wonderful. They are also great for calming tension and relieving stress because the essential oils that they release into the air have a positive effect on the human mind and body. They look lovely too, and come in lots of different designs and colors, ensuring that you can find something that matches with your interior but that will also stand out as a design feature on its own.


Alternatively, you might consider a dehumidifier. There are benefits to each, and you can find out more at Unhumid before making any decisions.


Don’t Forget The Powder Room

If you have a separate WC downstairs in your home, this is one room that the majority of your guests are going to see. It may be the smallest room in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can be forgotten about in terms of décor. In fact, because it is so tiny and because it doesn’t have to match with anything else, you can really go to town in here, letting your inner designer loose.


Pick some bright, patterned, graphic wallpaper designed for bathrooms, for example. This will impress guests as soon as they open the door, creating a special, interesting place in the home that is all your own personality.


Use Rope

The rope is a clever little addition to any home’s design ideas. It can be nautical or rustic, and it can be used almost anywhere to create intricate patterns or practical items. It’s the texture that makes it so popular, and the fact that it can be used for all sorts of different things is certainly a bonus. All you need to do to transform items into your home is to glue rope to it or tie a rope around it. Lampshades, picture frames, cushions, shelving and much more can all benefit from the addition of rope.


Go Retro

Retro is the new modern, and if you are looking for an easy way to add a touch of style and interest to your room, your living room furniture could be the way to do it. You can mix your favorite old designs from whichever era takes your fancy with some new styles and make your home the perfect eclectic mix of then and now. There are no rules when it comes to vintage and retro; you can have whatever works for you which is a wonderfully freeing way to do things.