Ways to Get Your Kids Outside And Enjoy San Diego

Ways to Get Your Kids Outside And Enjoy San Diego


As confusing as it may be, younger generations seem to be more comfortable spending time alone, or with the company of others indoors. This distance from the outdoors and nature, in general, can affect a child’s social skills, while it also maximizes the time children spend in the presence of immersive technology. When a child spends too much time watching shows, playing video games, or spending time in virtual spaces, this can negatively affect their ability to interact in the real world. 

That said, indoor activities may make children less physically active, which can pose risks of obesity in the long run. There is a myriad of benefits of spending more time outdoors for both children and adults, and the good news is, San Diego can easily be compelling for kids who aren’t used to doing outdoor activities. 

Here’s how and where you can get your kids to enjoy some fresh San Diego air. 

Show Them Nature 

If your child’s only option to play outside is in your backyard, this is probably why they prefer staying at home. San Diego is filled with stunning natural reserves that your kids can enjoy. You can head to the seaside, where your kids can interact with marine life, or explore the nearby forest under your supervision. When you go out of your way to show your children that the great outdoors go beyond the precipice of your front lawn, you’ll notice how your kids will grow more interested in being around nature. 

Buy the Right Tools 

Your kids may like staying indoors because there’s always something to do, whether it be watching television, playing video games, or watching YouTube celebrities on their smart devices. If there’s nothing that the outdoors offers them, they’re more than likely to continue enjoying their at-home activities. This can have several disadvantages, one of which is not being exposed to enough sunlight, which can cause depression as well as osteoporosis. 

As a parent, you should always invest in what would make the closest outdoors appealing to your children. You can install a trampoline in your backyard, or you could buy them scooters for them to exercise in the neighborhood. If you’re unsure what brands you could buy, or what your children may need, you may want to check out the post here before you venture on making an expensive purchase. Children aged 6-11 can enjoy scooters, while older children and teens may be more interested in rollerblades or skateboards. 

Change Their Scenery 

When you tell adamant children that you’re taking them on a field trip, they might complain about wanting to stay home to continue playing video games or watch a certain show. But you can quickly see a change in this attitude if you expose them to completely different scenery. 

One of the most serene places you can do that is San Diego Bay, where you and your family can rent a boat to enjoy a cruise, or to sail the boat yourselves. The fresh seaside air will compel your kids to be more open to outdoor adventures, and they’ll be more likely to ask you to take them on another trip. If your children are more drawn to the indoors or feel more comfortable in them for any health reasons, try taking them to an aquarium. People of all ages can enjoy the wonders of the deep seas, and this will surely compel your children to take their eyes off their smart devices. 

Try Extreme Activities 

If you have picky children, there are extreme sports which are suitable for ages as young as eleven. These include kayaking, paragliding, as well as many water activities with the supervision of a professional. Head to the San Diego coastline, where such activities can be offered for affordable prices. 

Newer generations are also quite attached to their tech devices, so try not to be strict when your kids’ first urge is to take photos of natural sceneries. Allow them to enjoy their trip in their own way, and limit your interference to when it is absolutely needed. When you book for instructors online, always ask them about the age limit before you head to your spot.


Encouraging your children to spend more time outdoors can have numerous benefits. When children are exposed to the outside world, they grow to be more capable of holding their own in socially distressing situations. That said, children who spend more time outdoors are more likely to lead active lifestyles in the future, which can protect them from many life-threatening conditions, such as obesity.