Ways to Make Your Home Luxurious Without Spending Too Much


Perhaps you’ve been watching those home makeover shows, enjoying them, and thinking, “maybe my home actually needs one”. Nothing beats the fulfillment you get out of pulling off an amazing idea towards improving a home. It gets even better when you think it’s fabulous after completion, your neighbors compliment you about it, and some even get a bit jealous. However, there’s a common, yet firm misconception that remodeling or making your home more luxurious is overly expensive.

Truth is; you can always improve the comfort of your home and live a lavish lifestyle in it without having to break the bank over it. You can always turn your home into a fortress where you can retreat comfortably at the end of a stressful day without losing a finger or a toe. On this note, any efforts towards improving the quality of comfort in your home are priceless. In this article, we’ll be looking at ways to make your home luxurious without spending too much. 

1. Choose a Color that Spells It!

Paint is an inexpensive additive that makes a huge difference in any room. Hued walls will give off a fresh vibe to your home in a way that new walls cannot. What most people don’t realize is that depending on the selection of wall paint, your rooms can either look dull or lively. A fresh coat of paint can do this in a way that you’ve never imagined. To help you recreate your rooms into more luxurious spaces of comfort, we’ve outlined a few color choices and what they may say about your home.


  • Tonal whites – These choices of colors will make your rooms appear bigger and brighter. Whites also symbolize purity and innocence, which is why the bride’s gown is white. 

  • Brown – Nothing spells the meaning of brave like the color brown

  • Grey – If you never knew, rich-toned grey is the color of romance. This will unquestionably add some sparks into your love life when used in the bedroom.

  • Yellow – In this case, try and go for less intimidating tones of yellow paints, such as muted yellows rather than bright yellow. The right shade of this color can inarguably add a luxurious feel to your rooms.

  • Blue – If you’re looking for a color that spells rich and royal, then light, bright, and deep shades of blue will be the perfect colors for that friendly feeling. Blue is a versatile color and you, therefore, needed to be utterly open-minded when choosing this color.

  • Green – Green is the color of wealth and prosperity. It’s uncommon, but the right shades will bring in a fresh feel into a once gloomy room. 

2. Invest in New Furniture


Now, don’t get it twisted… it doesn’t have to be expensive. Adding a few antique pieces of furniture into your living space is among the many inexpensive undertakings that will revamp your rooms and give it a more luxurious look and feel. If you go through a thrift store catalog, you’ll be surprised to realize that some pieces that are considered exorbitantly valuable might actually cost less. To find them, you’ll need to frequent estate sales, auctions, and online stores. Incorporating a few vintage pieces such as heirlooms into your house could also make your home look posher than it would be when using new modern pieces alone. Furniture décor professionals like the ones from https://www.bigsave.co.nz/, point out that adding a few custom-made pieces of furniture into your home can also go a long way in transforming your humble abode. Nonetheless, you’ll want to make sure you go for high-quality pieces that are well-chosen with comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal in mind.

3. Set Up A Mini-Bar

If you’ve been keen on watching movies featuring luxurious homes, you’ll bear witness that the most signifying aspect depicting luxury is a minibar. Since time immemorial, luxurious homes have been designed and built to include a minibar. Well, not so many people are for the idea of displaying that they adore alcohol. But hey, the main idea is to create the illusion of luxury, right? Of course, luxury is all about what the mind perceives. You don’t even have to display expensive bottles of Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling or Domaine Leroy’s red wine bottles. A simple bottle of fresh grape juice will do. Also, a simple bookshelf help can be transformed into a functioning wine rack.

4. Curtains vs. Drapes


These two terms have been used interchangeably and not so many people actually know that these two window treatments have distinctive differences. The common identifying factor is that drapes and curtains are both sold in pairs, however, unlike drapes, curtains are less effective when it comes to blocking light. Nevertheless, if you want to give your home that luxurious appeal, you need to consider investing in drapes. This is because of their aesthetic appeal, pleated drapery panels, and the fact that they can be custom made to suit your needs. Depending on your choice of color, design, and fabric, you can transform the look of your windows from simple to eye-catching pieces of art that will definitely add luxury into the room.

5. How About Gold? 

Hey, you don’t need to eat from a golden plate for your home to be considered luxurious. If you go back to our main topic of discussion, it’s all about achieving a luxurious home without spending much. Come to think about it, there are actually a million ways to accentuate your home with gold. But let’s start off with incorporating gold into little things such as gold plated door knobs, picture frames, metallic furniture, or bulb holders. No one said it has to be real! This is because no one is coming to inspect it! 

In summary, transforming your home into a luxurious look and feel doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Even the smallest of features can make a huge difference, provided they have a look and feel that portrays luxury. Sometimes all it takes are some ingenious ideas and converting them into scalable reality. So, go ahead and try the above ideas and see what your neighbors have to say about your home.