3 Ways to Make Your Website Work for you

Websites don’t have to be directly selling anything to visitors in order to make money for their owners. Monetizing a website is much easier than many people realize and is an excellent way of producing some extra income for yourself. As long as people are coming to your website and it is generating consistently high levels of traffic then there are an endless number of ways that you can convert these visitors into money.

The trick to maximizing the money-making potential of your website is to make sure that, in your pursuit of monetization opportunities, you don’t sacrifice the overall quality, or the original purpose, of your website. It is important that your website continues to draw in traffic, both new and repeat visitors, in order to be able to make money. If your regular visitors suddenly feel that, rather than being served up content that they are genuinely interested in and wish to support, they are simply being used to make you money, then they may well stop visiting. If your website is, for example, a website that reviews cigars, such as The Cigar Cafe, then you need to ensure that after implementing a monetization program this is still the primary focus of your site.

Here are some of the most effective ways that you can make your website work for you and generate yourself a reasonable income.

Affiliate Links

Becoming an affiliate partner with another website is an excellent way of bringing in some additional revenue and is also a great way of developing a partnership with other websites. Affiliate links allow you to earn money on commissions from every sale that is made as a result of the affiliate program. One of the most effective ways of promoting an affiliate product is by making use of a ‘toolkit’, for an example of this being used in action check out Patt Flynn.


This is the oldest and most common way of monetizing a website (other than charging for the content or for products of course). You need to be generating a reasonable amount of traffic in order to make advertising worth it, both to you and to advertisers. However, for websites which are consistently generating high volumes of traffic, this is the most reliable route towards making a profit. Google’s advertising program has made it easier than ever for websites to implement adverts, and to make a decent profit off them.

Produce Great Content

This might seem like obvious advice, but if your website isn’t producing excellent content, content which will keep visitors pouring in, then your chances of making money off it are much lower. All the above methods of monetization require that you are attracting enough traffic to make them worth it; if you aren’t able to offer more than your competitors then there isn’t much incentive for users to use your website.

Taking the step from operating a website which is dedicated to your own passion, and taking it to something that you are actively monetizing, can be fraught with difficulty. If you want to do this successfully you need to be sure that your website is still first and foremost serving its most loyal visitors and not making them feel like they are being milked for your benefit.