Ways to Transform Any Home Into A Shabby Chic Wonderland



Summary - Love shabby chic but don’t know where to start? Follow this guide to turn any room in the house into a shabby chic wonderland.


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Inspired by tea time in the English countryside, the shabby chic style is defined by it’s love of antique furniture, luscious fabric patterns and flowery color palette. Although the style itself is nothing new, shabby chic has gained popularity in recent years thanks to it’s unique spin on home decor.


Love the shabby chic look but don’t know where to start? Follow this guide to turn any room in the house into a shabby chic wonderland.

Vintage Furniture and Accents

In today’s age of modern design in home decor, it’s refreshing to see a style that welcomes the charm of worn vintage furniture. In fact, your room isn’t truly shabby chic until you have incorporated at least one vintage furniture piece into your decor.


Going vintage can be as easy as incorporating an old coffee table in your living room or as involved as installing distressed cabinets in your kitchen. The beauty of shabby chic is that you control where your vintage pieces best fit. But the vintage look doesn’t stop at old furniture. You can also incorporate antique elements into your decor such as antique silverware and china or even tablecloths and linens to really bring things together in a fun and unique way.


Finding the right shabby chic furniture can be an adventure in of itself. While there are brands who create new furniture with the “worn look” the real fun lies in finding one-of-a-kind pieces in antique shops and estate sales. Although intimidating at first, shopping at estate sales can be a real rewarding experience that lands you the shabby chic furniture of your dreams.

Statement Chandeliers

One must-have in any shabby chic home is a sparkling statement chandelier. The beauty of a chandelier is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you’re bound to find one you love. When it comes to shabby chic, the more ornate the chandelier the better. Feel free to experiment with crystals, different shaped lights, and statement metals such as chrome, gold and brass.


Thanks to shabby chic’s eccentric decor style, a chandelier can be placed in just about any room. You can place a large chandelier in your living room to instantly add dramatic overhead lighting. Or stick to a traditional setting and install an ornate chandelier above your dining room table. For bedrooms or any other room where comfort is important, you can go with a shabby chic ceiling fan chandelier instead. These ceiling fans incorporate the same dazzle and over-the-top designs as your favorite shabby chic chandelier but with the added bonus of a cooling ceiling fan.

Soft and Pretty Colors

Shabby chic is a pretty decor style and one that definitely lies in the feminine side of the design spectrum. This is thanks to it’s soft color palette of white, pastels and soft metallics. At the base of the shabby chic trend is white on white. An easy way to jump off your shabby chic home is by painting the walls white while incorporating chalky white paint to wooden furniture and decor accessories. You’ll be surprised at the transformation a white coat of paint can make on an old chest of drawers.


Other iconic shabby chic colors include soft baby blues, pinks and pastels. You can use these colors as decorative accents or as main centerpiece color of any room. Add a winter touch with a light gray or a splash of soft color with a pastel yellow or green for a vintage-inspired look that is the right balance of worn and elegant.


Metallic colors can be used to add sophistication and a bit of character to any room. Paint wooden furniture a soft metallic gold or gunmetal for an instant flair. You can also go with a metallic pink or blue for a lovely burst of color that is sure to turn heads.

Chipped Paint and Patinas

Old and worn looking furniture is a staple of the shabby chic style. Incorporate the look by adding wood furniture with chipped paint or metal pieces with worn finishes. Vintage cabinets, wooden dressers and farmhouse chairs are all examples of decor pieces that look great when distressed. Those with a passion for DIY can make their own distressed shabby chic furniture by recreating the chipped paint look themselves. It’s easier than you think!


Distressed metal is another shabby chic classic. The style often incorporates patina brass, copper and tin to add vintage character to metal objects. Old and distressed metal in chairs, hardware and light fixtures can all add to the shabby chic look. Just like chipped paint on wood, you can also DIY the worn metal look by using oxidizing bronze paint or patina aging solution. These methods allow metals to tarnish naturally over time and give you an authentic looking patina.

Floral Prints and Textured Fabrics

Shabby chic homes are known for their clever use of fabrics on everything from window curtains to tablecloths. Start with lace fabric to add ornamentation and texture to any shabby chic space. You can use lace on everything from tablecloths in the dining room to bed skirts in the bedroom. Lace doilies are also a fun a creative way to incorporate lace on side tables and shelves.


While lace can be used as a decorative accent, floral print fabrics can be used as an adventurous centerpiece. Try busy floral patterns in chair covers or upholstery for a pretty focal point in the living room. Likewise, light and airy floral patterns can be used in window curtains and carpets for a delicate look. You can even mix and match big and small floral prints with complimenting colors for a bold yet feminine presentation.


Textured fabrics are also an important part of the shabby chic style. Don’t be afraid to incorporate textured pieces such as embroidered pillows and runners in the living room or quilted blankets in the bedroom. These fabrics add the texture and character that shabby chic is known for.