We Have Learned Some Evergreen Fashion Lessons From Rihanna!


Raise your hand if you love Rihanna. We too love her. After all, apart from 33 Grammy nominations and 11 wins, we follow her because of her being one of the biggest style icons. Whether she is wearing one of the best designer two-piece prom dresses or two-piece evening gowns or a one-piece short cocktail dress, she has always managed to appear on the covers of the leading fashion magazines. 


She is a rebellious force when it comes to fashion. She has never failed in making a statement with her in tune or off-key fashion sense. Her natural ability to recreate her looks makes her the ultimate trendsetter. When she never plays safe while picking an outfit for her concerts or some other event, why should we, the fans of Rihanna, be afraid of experimenting? 


Let’s learn some fashion lessons from Rihanna.  


Tuxedos Are Not Just for Guys 



While other female celebrities prefer two-piece V neck dresses, two-piece long prom gowns, two-piece party dresses, cocktail dresses or any other dress for a more feminine look, she makes bold choices. She surprised everyone with her choice at The MET Costume Institute Gala by emerging in a black tuxedo. And, when it comes to feminine looks in dresses, she needs no tips from anyone. 

She always looks elegant. It does not matter whether she is wearing a short dress or long dress, one-piece or two-piece, she never fails to create magic. If you are inspired by Riri’s tux look, you can try a pantsuit for prom 2020.


Change Your Hairstyle


She knows which hairstyle and color to go for when she chooses to wear white two-piece prom dresses. She always matches her hairdos to the dress she is wearing. Remember her androgynous Mohawk in 2008? Only she could do that. Both her fans and critics agreed that she wore that hairstyle like a champ. 



Have Passion for Tattoos 



Need to say anything about her passion for tattoos? She has at least 15 tattoos. A crucifix on her collarbone, a tattoo saying “love” on the inside of her right middle finger, Pisces sign behind her right ear, or a tiny gun on her ribcage, this all shows that she loves making a statement with her tattoos. 


Choose Ruffled Garments 


This might be a tricky trend for others but not for her. She has a history of wearing both good and bad bouncy, fluttering fabrics on the red carpet. Whether it is a cute ruffled cocktail dress or an evening gown, Rihanna, draped in ruffles, is always admired by fashion critics and fans.      



Wear Short Skirts and High Heels 


Fashion Lessons From Rihanna!

Got long, shapely and toned legs like Rihanna? You are lucky. When it comes to shopping for cocktail dresses, shorter is better. We all know she loves wearing two-piece short dresses and cocktail dresses with strappy high heels. And, that’s one hell of an outfit!


Big Shoulder Pads Are Evergreen 




We all think that shoulder pads had their heyday in the 1980s. Well, Rihanna does not think so. Being a trendsetter, she revived this trend from the 80s and not only left everyone surprised but also received appreciation for her choice. If you follow Rihanna, you do remember the suit she wore to the 2009 VEVO launch party. As always, she never cared about what others were thinking. And then came the 2010 Echo Awards. Once again, she preferred shoulder pads. And once again, she received praise for causing a stir in the fashion world by choosing an out-of-style trend.


Wear Sunglasses at Night 


It does not matter whether it is day or night - sunglasses complete RiRi’s look. She loves wearing sunglasses. The trend on tiny sunglasses dominated last year. However, this year Rihanna has already embraced bold new oversized sunglasses. From sunglasses featuring studded embellishment and metal frames or any other style, she picks it very wisely. She often matches her lipstick to the pair of shades she wears. Many of her red carpet appearances are with sunglasses. 


Fashion Lessons From Rihanna!


Casual or party, day or night - Rihanna looks stunning in whatever she wears and wherever she goes. Seek inspiration from RiRi’s outrageous yet evergreen style, and be the trendsetter at the next party or prom 2020!