Wedding Bliss: How to Have a Royal Wedding on a Small Budget



Weddings are miracles birthed from love, but these events change from generation to generation. At the moment, millennials are changing a number of things about weddings, mainly their overall average cost. This generation is definitely one of the most frugal generations out there, trying to save a buck wherever possible, like by buying a cheap gown. Now, no one is saying that your gown has to look cheap on your wedding day; the dress can look high-end with some of the following tips and tricks.


Focus on Personalization


One of the major differences between an inexpensive dress and a dress made by a high-end designer is that one looks like it was made just for you. Yes, the high-end dress is the dress that is going to fit you like a glove. What you want to do is make sure this inexpensive dress fits like it was made with just you in mind, which can be done in a number of ways.


One thing that you can do is pay attention to the color. There are a number of choices like ivory, traditional white, champagne, or blush just to name a few. What you want to do is figure out your own skin tone, and make sure the dress you are considering complements your skin tone.


It is also important that you tailor the dress to your exact measurements. You already saved enough cash, so make sure you do not skip this step. It can really turn an inexpensive dress into something beautiful.

Control Imagery

The next thing you want to do is try to control the way you look. One big step towards having control is personalizing your dress, but now you have to control the way you look in it at all times.


You want everyone to be stunned by you every time they lay eyes on you, which makes things like garments and slips quite effective. These conspicuous tools help you form the very best silhouette for your wedding dress and help hold that figure throughout the entire event.


Another way to control the way you look is to make sure that you hire a trustworthy Surrey Wedding Photographer. In many ways, the photographer can make or break your overall look. A photographer knows how to use visual trickery to ensure that you and your dress look like royalty if that was the goal.


Try to be detailed when hiring a photographer about what is important to you regarding your photographs. There are many ways to immortalize your wedding from the traditional wedding photography to the more modern or artsy type. Finding the right aesthetic should help your photographer design shots that will highlight the key aspects of your wedding ceremony and the happy couple.


Embellish Much


No one is saying that you should over-embellish, but a few choice pieces will definitely make a difference. You want to pay attention to jewelry or jewelry-based items like a silver-adorned belt just as one example.


The right piece of jewelry can make a dress look even more spectacular because these additions help bring attention to you. It is important that each piece echoes the overall look you are going for and the tone of the wedding dress. This does not mean you want to match your jewelry perfectly, just enough to hint coherence. You can talk to a stylist to help you as you choose some of these pieces. Try to stick with the concept "less is more" when accessorizing.


These are just some tricks or tips that you can use to look great on your wedding day, even though you did not spend much. Be sure to drink a lot of water, preferably alkaline to help liven up your skin, which should help you photograph well.