Wedding Gifts You Won’t Tell Your Mom About



Bridal showers are supposed to be a fun, pampered experience for a soon to be married woman. Many brides put their bridesmaids in charge of planning the ceremonial engagement, or their family members, often leaving moms and grandmothers to plan more laid back festivities. When you're the bride, you shouldn't be planning, but, rather, enjoying the company of all of your guests and displaying your gorgeous engagement ring. If you’re not the center of attention, it isn’t the right bridal shower.


Most people choose to give the bride things from her wedding registry, keeping things simple. Sheets, kitchen supplies, Tupperware... brides expect to open these all of these mundane things at their bridal showers, especially if your conservative family is invited or planning. That's why there is a new phenomenon of planning a racier bridal shower for the blushing bride.


If you are invited to a risque, fun bridal party, you need to plan some gifts for your friend that aren't typical... or so pleasing to your mother.


A new bride is less concerned about those new pots and pans and much more concerned about her wedding night look. Help her out with some unique gifts instead! Try out one of these fun gifts that you definitely won't be able to share with your mom!


Every bride has a dream wedding night... and with a dream wedding night comes the perfect look. While your friend has her wedding day look covered, every girl needs some sexy lingerie to complete her fantasy evening with her new husband. If you're shopping for a romantic, think lace and frills. White lingerie allows your bride to carry over her wedding day into the evening, or choose red for a sexier, more seductive look.


If you want your friend to have a sexier look, what better gift to give her than one that allows her to show off her curves? Sexy animal prints are the way to go for this goal. Leopard panties and bras immanent the perfect come hither vibe for your friend and her partner. They contrast the formality and plainness of the wedding ceremony perfectly and will only increase the seductive play later in the evening.


Treats to Eat


Food has always been considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Sex and food go together in a wonderful way. There is luckily several treats available to be brought into the bedroom for the blushing bride and groom. Try giving your friend edible body paints for some fun times in the bedroom. Erotic fortune cookies are also a great gift for your friends to pair with their wedding night. While it might be cliche, edible underwear is also an option that will spice up the foreplay in their relationship.


Or, you can just head to the grocery store. Whether you're serious or looking for a gag gift, the grocery store offers the perfect variety of aphrodisiacs for your friends to enjoy. Chocolate syrup, honey or whipped cream can offer the celebrating couple a fun way to spend an evening. And the sweet treats can be each other.


Toys... for the Bedroom

As the Fifty Shades phenomenon has taught us, spicing up things in the bedroom can involve some interesting new toys. If you're in the market for something a little more adventurous, is a good place to start. The nice and the naughty can all be explored.


Buying toys for him and for her to enjoy will only increase their satisfaction in the bedroom. Flogs and vibrators are always viable options to stimulate arousal and help add some extra excitement into the newlyweds' bedroom. Sex swings offer new positions and options to try out.


Scents for Love

Tests have shown that aromas can act to arouse and stimulate sexual adventures. If you're looking for an avenue for your friends to explore, try adding some nice scents into their sex life. Incense is commonly associated with sexual adventures, but they aren't the only scents that can spice up a sexual adventure. Scented candles and perfumes are also wonderful options to introduce to your friends. Sex candles are even used to arouse the body's systems with hot wax.


Diffusers can also be used for adding a scented experience in the bedroom. Cucumber and black licorice are top scents for her and pumpkin pie has been identified by men to be highly arousing. You can also introduce your friends to lighter scents like lavender, which can be relaxing and stimulating. While these scents might sound random, there is research behind using these scents! Experts agree that these can add a different bedroom experience for the couple to enjoy.


Glam Kit



If you have a friend that has a more glamorous streak to her, try making her a glam kit to prepare her for seduction! Fake eyelashes can give her best feature a pop. Blood red lipstick makes her pout even more worthy of being kissed. Press on nails and red nail polish give her claws that make her a force to be reckoned with. Liquid liner can give her the perfect cat eye look that screams fifties glamour.


Package everything in a beautiful make-up case and you have a gift worthy of your friend's vixen side. Toss in a container of body shimmer or glitter lotion to make your bride truly sparkle.


When it comes to picking out a unique wedding gift for your friend, the wedding registry isn't the place to go. Give your bridal friend something that she won't be completely comfortable sharing with her mother. Whether you are shopping for a romantic or someone who wants to feel like a sex symbol, help your bride spice up her wedding night.


Explore toys, scents, edible experiences, and make-up as options to help your friend live out her wildest wedding night fantasies. Whether you decide on vibrators or lingerie, your friend is going to love the thought that goes into finding her the right gift to enjoy with her man... and, let's face it, this is a gift she is going to use much more often than the fourteen food storage containers she saved on Amazon.