Wedding Lehenga


Whatever you possess in your wardrobe, your wedding lehenga tops the list. It’s ornate, it's beautiful and oh-so-elegant. But selecting the right lehenga does take a lot of time and patience and you just can’t choose a wedding lehenga randomly. Wedding lehenga is not what they have once been. Now, they are trendy and yet preserving the old traditionalism.

With the kick-start of the wedding season, women restock their wardrobe with the trading wedding looks.

Though there are loads of ethnic wear to choose from, lehenga choli is by far the most favorite of brides-to-be. Read more to find out about interesting ways to update your wardrobe with wedding lehenga and how to buy the latest collection of wedding lehenga.

Upgrade your Wardrobe with Interesting Lehenga Choli Designs

Lehenga Choli is a beautiful sartorial option that can beautify your wardrobe in more ways than one. The silhouette flatters every body type, enhancing your look further. What sets apart the lehenga choli from other ethnic garments? Know more about it here. Flaunting this style with elan.

  • Layered Style Wedding Lehenga Choli - Of all the latest lehenga choli designs doing the rounds, the layered style wedding lehenga choli is stealing the spotlight, thanks to the uber stylish look. The high-low hemline fuses different fabrics and the uneven look is what gives it the much-needed style boost. The brides can choose this style for the main wedding or the sangeet or Mehendi outfit looks.

  • Cape Style Lehenga choli – Though, this style has been doing the rounds for some time now, it does not seem to be waning anytime soon. You can slip into this fashionable beauty and stand out with your impeccable fashion outing.  The best part is that this is effortless to carry and looks glam and very pretty.

  • The A-Line lehenga – It is exactly as the name suggests resembling the ‘A’ shape. You can achieve that by forming a broad cut along the entire length of your skirt. The skirt is cinched at the waist and flares at the bottom. This wedding lehenga perfectly caters to a pear-shaped body. It amalgamates the traditional charm with modern design.

  • Bright and beautiful colors - The festive season is synonymous with bright colors, and the lehenga choli reflects the colors of the season in the most vibrant fashion. This season the metallic hues are back with a bang, the gold the silver, the bronze are all glittering and gleaming in all their unmatched glory. Not too fond of all things shiny? Settle for pastel shades, instead. The oven-fresh sorbet hues are for all those who have a penchant for pretty colors and soft, easy-on-the-eyes hues.

  • The fusion look - The lehenga choli has transformed and how! The lehenga saree is one of the most stylish. The lehenga saree is the most favorite attire especially among the newbies in the fashion circuit. This quintessentially looks like a lehenga, but the top part resembles a saree as you drape your torso with the pleats of a dupatta. The final effect is absolutely stunning.

  • The paneled extravaganza – The paneled lehenga is heavy and ornately designed as you add layers to the skirt. They are horizontal panels that are added to the lehenga. They are enhanced by a great deal because of its bright designs and brighter embellishments.  Contrasting different fabrics in the panels gives it a very alluring and beautiful look.

  • The latest cuts of lehenga choli – If you want to buy the perfect lehenga online, go for beautiful cuts and tasseled trims that are creating a fashion fervor in the fashion circuit. Team up your voluminous lehenga with a blouse with tasseled endings. This gives a very chic look to the whole outfit. If your skirt is flared add a fitted top to the scheme of things to give your silhouette more definition. This ethereal look never fails to impress.

  • The styling game is spot on – You can enhance the look of your outfit or ruin the look of your outfit with the wrong or the right accessories. The wedding lehenga looks effervescent and beauteous in all its hallowed glory with the bejeweled look of traditional jewelry such as polki, jadau, gold, diamond, kundan, and the works. If your lehenga is heavily embellished go easy on the jewelry, you certainly will earn extra brownie points for your impeccable style sense.

As you try different ways of wearing the lehenga set but at times you want to give it an all-new twist.  The best way to change the look of your bridal lehenga is switching up your choli. Take help from different add-ons such as fringed embellishments dramatic sleeves, and sheer bodices. There are other avante garde choices such as hand-embroidered lehengas, modern printed lehengas all make it a go-to for modern brides. The lehenga has undergone a modern-day make-over. So you are no longer have to dabble in bright reds or fuschias instead you can choose from the entire Pantone wheel.

Always experiment with silhouettes to make the ensemble more interesting. For the other events choose different style lehengas such as the palazzo-lehenga for the mehndi, while ruffles will be perfect for the Mehendi ceremony.

With the wedding season, you can go the extra mile with your wardrobe, select from a bevy of lehengas to steal and conquer the spotlight right under the pretty noses of your peer. Select the ones perfect for palace weddings, or for beachside ceremonies or for family celebrations. Designer lehengas are the ultimate sartorial choices for most bride-to-be’s and not without good reason. This is the most versatile and fashionable choices you can ever choose to beautify your trousseau. If you have been looking for the perfect lehenga look for them online or buy it at a designer store near you. Look for the one that caters to your body type, your choices, the wedding them and of course the one that fits into your budget.

So, shimmer and shine in the most stunning ensembles this wedding season, bridal lehenga and bask in the embellished glory of your designer outfit.