Wedding Planning 101: How to Pick the Perfect Tables and Chairs for Your Big Day

Picking the perfect tables and chairs for your wedding day can make all of the difference.


Here's how to choose the best options for your big day.


The average American couple spends $30,000 on their wedding day. 

When you're paying that much money, it's normal to want every single aspect of your special day to be perfect. 

It's not all about the wedding dress and the diamond ring. You also need to spare a thought for your tables and chairs! 

In this article, we'll look at a few things to consider when choosing the tables and chairs for your big day. Check out more below!

1. Figure Out Your Budget

When it comes to planning your wedding, there is nothing more important than drawing up a budget. 

Unfortunately, only 41 percent of Americans budget in their everyday life. That's why so many people find themselves in debt and overspending.

But, when you're planning a wedding, a budget is even more important. 

Breaking down every aspect of your wedding day expenses, you'll be able to see how much money you can afford to spend on hiring tables and chairs. 

You don't want to find yourself with no money leftover. This could cause you to spend the wedding breakfast sitting on the floor.

2. Choose A Wedding Theme

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is choosing a theme. It's important to find a color scheme which suits you and your partner.

First, start by deciding what you and your partner love. This could be Disney, a rustic theme, or even an enchanted forest theme.

When you've decided on your theme, it'll be easier to decide on tables and chairs. For example, if you've chosen an Italian theme, you'll want a long banquet table.

Remember that your tables and chairs will be visible in your wedding pictures. So choose chairs which are classic and timeless.

3. What Types Of Chairs Do You Prefer?

After deciding on your theme, it's time to decide what types of chairs and tables you prefer. You may end up amending your theme if you can't find chairs and tables to match. 

There are hundreds of types of chairs and tables. For example, wood folding chairs are easy to pack away and are more affordable than many other options.

Alternatively, it's likely that your venue already has banquet chairs. Can these be improved with a bunch of flowers?

To create an elegant vibe, choose mirage ghost chairs that are transparent and plastic. These are modern and tasteful.

If your wedding theme is rustic, then cross back chairs are your best bet. They are wooden and continue your theme beautifully. Make sure you choose tables that match the wood and colors of your chairs! 

4. How Portable Are Your Chairs?

Are you hosting your ceremony and reception in the same room? If so, it's vital that your chairs and tables are easily transported. 

You won't be doing the heavy lifting on your big day, but spare a thought for those who will be!

If you choose tables that require a bunch of people to move, this could be exhausting for those helping to make your special day perfect.

5. Decide On The Number Of Chairs Needed

The average couple invites 120 people to their big day. This means you'll need at least 122 chairs - don't forget the bride and groom.

Make sure that you do the math early on. It's recommended that you hire more chairs than necessary. This way you can ensure your cousin isn't sitting on a random bar stool!

6. Are You Having An Outdoor Wedding?

If you and your guests are spending time outside, then it's important to choose chairs that won't be ruined by the weather elements.

Will your chairs sink into the earth if the ground gets soggy? If this is the case, then it's important to consider hiring flooring that prevents from ruining the bottom of the chairs.

7. How Long Will Guests Be Sat Down For?

Wedding ceremonies usually last for around half an hour. But, if you're planning on including many readings, you may need to account for even more time.

If you want your guests to be sitting comfortably for your ceremony, consider hiring padded chairs for extra comfort. After all, you won't want everyone getting fidgety during the father of the bride's speech. 

In order to keep your wedding ceremony to an appropriate length, make sure to hire an experienced wedding officiant who doesn't ramble!

8. Are Children Invited To Your Wedding?

Over half of couples getting married in the US invite children along too. However, this means you have a few more chairs and table considerations to make.

When drawing up your seating plan, decide on whether children will be sitting with their family. Or, will you have a separate children's table?

If you're keeping the kids separate, then consider hiring tables and chairs which are appropriately sized and comfortable! You also might want to consider hiring an entertainer so that they are quiet during the all-important speeches.

9. Do You Need Evening Tables and Chairs?

After the wedding breakfast is cleared away, many couples choose to remove the tables and chairs and create a dancefloor! 

But, have you considered where guests will sit in the evening? Perhaps it's a good idea for you to hire comfortable seating. 

By creating an out of the way quiet area, you will encourage guests to mingle with each other. Those who don't want to dance will have somewhere to retreat. 

You need to consider where your evening food will be served. Should you hire a long table? By doing this, you can create an evening buffet or even a sweet table! 

Enjoy Planning Your Big Day!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. It's important to step back from these decisions and try to enjoy them. 

You are marrying the love of your life and will be surrounded by people who support you! Make sure you love the tables and chairs you choose too!

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