Wedding Trends To Watch

Planning A Wedding In 2018

Planning a wedding in today’s day and age is quite different. Many grooms and brides grew up knowing what type of wedding they wanted. More often than not, the bride is the one who grows up knowing how she wants her big day to look. Most people spend thousands of dollars on their wedding day. We all have this vision in mind of the one we want to marry, what they look like, how they act, and everything in between. As I am a newlywed, I can attest, the first year is painfully hard! You need to get used to how the other one lives, what they do differently than you, and most importantly how they act and help out with daily chores. We have had some challenges, but we are quickly getting acclimated to married life.

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We planned our ceremony just before my husband went off to boot camp, ensuring that everything would go smoothly once he came home, and before leaving for his first duty station. All of my visions, unfortunately, came crashing down as we ultimately ended up planning the wedding a fourth time. Everything is finalized, but now we have started looking at different décor and different ideas. It is a new year, so why not new ideas. I am excited to begin planning all over again, however; it is a bit stressful.


Before when we planned around 2016-2017, we had intended for something farm-like, simple and elegant. Our wedding was supposed to be rustic with sunflowers and personalized bits and pieces of décor. It is quite interesting to say that in this year's trends, texture is something that is quite popular. These days, many people enjoy the new looks of a rustic, do-it-yourself type of wedding. They enjoy different tabletops, different textures on invitations, and more elegant details.

The next thing on my wedding prep to-do list was to make handmade giveaways and desserts. Coming from a pastry chef, dessert is important; so I planned on making pies for the guests to enjoy. We were also going to make personal, mason jar cookie dough mixes as seen in the wonderful world of Pinterest. This is the next trend for 2018–putting a little more love and a personal touch into their big day. Creativity is the trend. Brides and grooms want that look that no one else has, the most desirable being an extravagant look that's made with love. 

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Navy blue is the new black. Navy blue is becoming a popular trend as many wedding parties are seeing this trend as the new formal look comparable in style and formality to black. This is just a small way that many people are planning their weddings to add a bit of color to their special day and make sure their wedding photos really stand out. 

These trends are truly what a wedding day is supposed to represent, elegance and love.