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Boulders Resort and Spa in Arizona

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Amid my considerably hectic work schedule and family life where there’s nary a moment to spare, let alone full weeks (or more) to take extended trips, I’ve become a master of the “micro-vacation”—those long weekend getaways that strike just the right balance of relaxation, adventure and indulgence to suitably satisfy my persistent wanderlust. 

A recent micro-jaunt took me to Phoenix, Arizona—America’s sixth-largest city where cowboys continue to roam and the red rock-laden topography is peppered with the kind of cactus some only see in cartoons. The city’s enduring Southwestern backdrop is not only an indelible draw for me, but also 16 million other leisure visitors who trek to Greater Phoenix each year for some fun in the Sonoran Desert sun.

To ease and expedite the travel scheduling of other micro-vacationers, the good folks at Visit Phoenix—a non-profit that promotes the virtues of Phoenix as a prime travel destination, have devised the sure-fire, tried-and-true long weekend (3-night, 4-day) itinerary below that’s chock-full of fun and fabulosity.

At the center of this incredible itinerary is the Boulders Resort & Spa, which is located just north of Phoenix in the quaint town of Carefree. The property just completed a multi-million dollar renovation to its Casita accommodations as well as multiple common areas, including its Main Lodge, Discovery Lounge, Latilla Ballroom and multiple of its on-site eateries. According to June Chun, lead designer for DiLeonardo—the firm responsible for the transformation, the rejuvenated relaxed resort environment embraces and respects indigenous inspirations of the Old West, with the scale, pattern and colors from the Native American heritage influencing the architectural detailing, carpet patterns and rich colors utilized throughout. I agree with Chun’s avowal that the result is a rich, organic sense that truly brings the indoors and outdoors together beautifully.

For your traveling pleasure, here’s the stupendous schedule.  Just plan it, print it and go live it!