We’ve Reviewed “Smartbuyglasses” to Find the Best Designers

Get Smart and Try Out This Eyewear Company


We’ve Reviewed “Smartbuyglasses” to Find the Best Designers and Styles They Carry


Finding the perfect sunglasses to fit all of your needs is an overwhelming process. That’s why we’ve reviewed the “smartbuyglasses” company to compose a list of our favorite designers with necessities like prescription and polarization without compromising style.


The smartbuyglasses.com website is easy to navigate. Customers choose from a plethora of categories to filter by Gender, Shape of Glasses, Frame Material, Price, Features such as Virtual Try-On, Top 100 Favorites, Fast Shipping, New Arrivals, and Weekly Sales; and Specialized Categories such as Prescription, Polarized, Sports, and Ski Goggles. Additionally, customers can choose which designer brand they prefer to look at filtered by Top, Niche, and Value Brands. When viewing a product they are given an image of the sunglasses from the front, side, and an image of the sunglass’ case. The image missing from their website, what sunglasses look like on people, is amended by the link to their instagram “smartbuyglasses,” which shows select sunglasses! Additionally, smartbuyglasses.com endorsed by Trustpilot, a reviews service that states that since 2006, smartbuyglasses has shipped over 600,000 products to satisfied customers and is thus a reliable company to use!


This company offers sunglasses modeled after fashion icons from John Lennon to Audrey Hepburn but also stays up to date with the latest sunglass trends, think aviators, wayfarers and unique shapes like the cat eye, butterfly, oversized, and many others!


Italian Fashion Gurus:


It is clear that Italians know what they are doing from wine and olive oil to designer shoes and sunglasses. Check out our top three Italian sunglass brands below!




Versace is the epitome of couture, symbolic of seduction, and interprets modern trends before they are overdone. Born and bred in the fashion and design capital of the world, Milan, Versace sunglasses characterized by their sensual glamour and gaudy size that is never overdone. A fashion-forward accessory, we recommend the Versace VE4329 148/11 for women. In this design, choose from clear rims for an elegant, minimalistic look or the red-rimmed stunners—when paired with a red lip, they will make a bold statement and give you the confidence necessary to take on the interview you’ve been preparing for all week.


Emilio Pucci


For those who want to emulate the style and class of Hollywood favorites like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy, Pucci is the designer to look towards, as it was Monroe’s love for Pucci’s style that helped to thrust his already budding career and well-loved designs into the limelight. Pucci’s sunglasses significantly evolved since his fame in the 60s, 70s, and on, to fit the modern sunglass trends. In women’s designs, we recommend either the Emilio Pucci EP0064 which are made with pink and purple fused patterns on circular frames to reestablish that 60s hippie look that made a comeback the past few years; or the Emilio Pucci Ep0001 01B which is a durable, minimalistic styles complete with grey lenses embellished by gold frames which are both made out of plastic.


Giorgio Armani


This designer, however, is known for being a trailblazer in red-carpet fashion and was even the first to ban “measurement requirements” for his models—none other than Giorgio Armani! Our top Armani pick is in women’s sunglasses, the Giorgio Armani AR6055 301073. These aviators have brown frames with a thick; Tortoise patterned full outer rim. The lens is made out of plastic, while the frame is made out of metal for a durable, classy look.


American Designs:


Tom Ford:


Tom Ford is a designer brand known for its simplicity and luxury with sunglasses that emit an air of class. We recommend the FT0008 JENNIFER Polarized 01D sunglasses, which are made from acetate and polycarbonate, to cater to durability needs. The grey lenses match well with the black frames, a great combination that will keep you looking chic and stylish all year long!

Somewhere in between America and Italy:




Fun fact: The American company Bausch & Lomb began Ray-Ban in the 30s, but, towards the end of the 90s, sold to the Italian conglomerate, Luxottica Group! Nonetheless, this brand will always be a leader for Aviator and Wayfarer styles. For the outdoorsy type of guy, or if you just want to channel your inner Tom Cruise in Top Gun, we recommend Ray Ban’s RB3030 Outdoorsman LO216. These sunglasses are made from metal and glass and will work great for all occasions, giving whoever wears them a retro look that stays in step with the latest styles. With frames designed to sit well on the nose and without easily falling off, these sunglasses can be worn for whatever adventure you have in store.


British Luxury:




The world-famous British luxury brand Burberry is one of the oldest and most established fashion houses in the world. We love the BE4107 sunglasses which come in a stylish tortoise design, paired with brown lenses. These glasses are ideal for full sun-blockage from your entire perennial field because the large lens and frame covers much facial real-estate. Also, the way the lens transitions from a dark brown on the top of the glass down into a lighter lens towards the bottom gives just enough shade to keep rays of sun from piercing your eyes. But because the lens and frame is so large, the fact that the lens isn’t entirely darkened offers the perfect amount of visibility while still protecting the eyes from harmful rays. Besides, these sunglasses hook comfortably behind the ear and are not flimsy, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off your face or easily bending or breaking!


If an array of designer sunglasses this company is stocked with paired with their 100-days return policy, 2-year warranty, and price match guarantee doesn’t convince you that they are a leading eyewear company. Then perhaps you’ll be happy to know that they claim to have “donated over $1,000,000 worth of eyewear to visually impaired individuals in some of the less privileged corners of the globe.” So whether you seek eye protection from the warm Tuscan sun or the rays of light reflected off of a glistening Chicago pavement, these internationally sold designer sunglasses offer styles for whatever kind of fashion statement you want to make.