What Blinds are Best for Patio and French Doors?

If you're a fan of your house being filled with the beautiful light from the sun while still having a very modern look, then you definitely have yourself some beautiful French doors. Those doors do require covering when it's nighttime, though, as anyone can see through the glass when the sun's not there. Picking blinds in order to place on your French doors requires some thorough thinking, as one wrong shade can completely ruin the décor that you have going for you.

The thing is, it's more than just inside the house. Once you step outside to your patio, you might realize that the blinds are just an eyesore compared to the surroundings. You'll have to put in some serious thought in order to be able to place the blinds that will please your eyes from both the inside and outside of your house.

Here are 5 tips you can use when trying to pick blinds that compliment your house:

  1. Color

The first step to figuring out which one is going to fit, is checking if the color blends with its surroundings and synchronizes itself smoothly into the soul of the house. If you think it's as simple as just saying "white" or "black", then you might need to consult someone to help you out. Checking out the colors that you already have within your house, along with the colors that you can see from outside, you'll be able to find a range between a couple of colors like gray and white in order to start inching closer to the perfect fit.

If you have a very cozy, wooden décor, you'll find that a specific shade of brown really highlights the color and brings a whole new energy around the house. If your house is a little more modern, you might be thinking about having a midnight color to bring out the class and elegance within the furniture you have around. You can go very right or very wrong with it, you just have to test it out before you install it.

  1. Easy Access

Imagine having a very comfortable looking house, filled with all the things that make you feel at home and extremely relaxed, to then have to deal with your very difficult and annoying to operate blinds. It's not such a nice image is it? You would want to make sure that you can easily manage to control them without an amount of effort that you're not willing to deal with every single day. No one wants to tediously close their blinds for an entire minute, especially after having a long day. Even a minute is too long if you just got back home and you're already super tired. You'd want to have a very easy to use, quick-to-close set of blinds around your household, otherwise you're going to wish you never had them installed to begin with.

  1. Design

Any house is usually filled with complementary patterns that work with each other. Placing a pattern that doesn’t really make sense in the midst of all the others will cause your house that was once comfortable to look at to have an uneven feeling to it. Try to pick something that goes with what you have going on in your house already, and then check if it works with both your patio and the furniture that you have inside.

  1. Correct measurement

This is perhaps the most essential point. Measuring the blinds is the determining factor between whether or not they're going to serve their purpose properly in your household. To have the best blinds, they need to actually fit on the doorframe. You need to measure out every part of your door to ensure that they’ll fit appropriately. You would generally need to measure it horizontally, from the sides and also the middle. Then vertically following the same 3 measurements. You would need to also take into account the rails, so you'd want to add an extra 2-3 inches when measuring it. You wouldn’t want the blinds to be touching the ground either, so make sure you remove an inch from the bottom to keep them from dangling too far down. 

Keeping into account that you have a doorknob/door handle, you'll need to make sure you check the depth of the door and make adjustments accordingly to not have the risk of any faulty installations. You would need to consider the length, width, and depth before starting out in any installations.

  1.  Will You DIY?

Installing it yourself might be a little difficult if you don’t have the right tools required to install the set of blinds that you chose. That really depends on what you choose though, as some blinds are easy to install without any need of drilling. In those cases, experts like the ones in Perfect fit blinds recommend "easy fit blinds, with no drilling required – simply screw the PerfectFit frame together, push the brackets into place between the rubber beading and glass, and clip the frame on". Neat tricks like those will remove the need for you to struggle with difficult installations, especially if you start drilling in the wrong areas of your doorframe, can’t really cancel out those mistakes easily once they're done. Avoiding it with easy to install blinds saves you the trouble if you're inexperienced.

Your house, your rules

The place you call home is a place that shouldn’t be left untaken care of as you're the one who lives in it. Providing yourself with the best comfort and the best look that you'd want in your house should be something you always prioritize for yourself as that’s the place you go back to every single day. Choosing the right shade and the right design to portray yourself and what type of household you live in might seem like a small matter, but it affects the overall look of it greatly. So when you're asked which one is the best for you, you're going to say the one that added more comfort to you, as it all really depends on what you'd like to see around your house.