What Cleaning Essentials Do I Need To Clean My Home?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on specialized implements to clean your home. Keeping your home clean with DIY tools and items you already own saves you money and time.


What Cleaning Essentials Do I Need To Clean My Home?


Let’s look at a few examples.

Good sponges

A good sponge is going to be the basic kitchen sponges you may already own. It should have a rough scrubber on one side and a soft conventional sponge on the other. Use these sponges in place of fancy bathroom scrubbers to remove the soap scum in the shower and toothpaste in the sink. They’re great for getting the dried juice stains out of the grout lines on the tile floor. You’ll probably want to have separate ones for cleaning the house and use in the kitchen on the off chance there are issues using one to clean the sink or toilet is used to wipe down a counter in the kitchen. You can wash all of these sponges in soapy water, sterilize them in bleach water, and rinse them in the dishwasher.

A squeegee

Squeegees are essential to keeping showers mold-free. You could rinse the squeegee you use on your car windshield and scrub that water and soap residue off your shower surfaces, including the glass doors. If you clean your windows, your squeegee is perfect for that task as well – it is literally made to do that.

A mop

A mop is the go-to solution for cleaning tile and concrete floors. If you’re careful, you can use it on wood floors, as well. A mop lets you address large spills and scrub large, moderate stains. When you’re faced with an insurmountable cleaning job, you can call in professionals from a company like MaidBright at https://www.maidbright.com/fairfax-va/. This may be necessary if the mess is too big to handle by yourself before you collapse in fatigue and frustration .

A scrub brush

There are times when a cleaning cloth or sponge just isn’t good enough. Keep at least one scrub brush on hand for cleaning the caked on stains. Whether this is stained in the grout or dried on, caked on food residue in the oven depends on the situation. A toothbrush can be used for the detailed cleaning, though that toothbrush shouldn’t enter your mouth after that application.

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is a step up from paper towels in that it can get any surfaces clean on their own, while they can clean almost everything else when damp. Unlike paper towels, you can wash them out in the washing machine and reuse them. Another benefit of microfiber cloth is that it won’t scratch surfaces the way the scrub sponge would, and it won’t leave streaks like a damp paper towel will.

A spray bottle

Spray bottles are an excellent DIY cleaning tool. You can use them to spray water to make it easier to rinse cleaner off surfaces. It can be used to spray your own cleaning mixtures, no matter what you’re cleaning. Have multiple spray bottles so that you don’t end up mixing chemicals that shouldn’t come into contact such as bleach and ammonia.

A broom and dustpan

Every hard surface in your home can and should be swept. This includes but isn’t limited to wood floors, tile floors, and concrete. Sweep before you mop so that you remove the biggest debris before mopping it.

A vacuum cleaner

Unless your apartment or house entirely lacks carpets, you’re going to need a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners can even be used on hard floors, though you may need to change the vacuum brush height to safely use it on wood floors. This workhorse will pull debris out of carpets you otherwise can’t get out.

What Cleaning Essentials Do I Need To Clean My Home?


You can keep your home clean without spending a fortune on specialized implements, and you may already have a lot of these items around your house. Just note that you may not want to use them for other purposes after using them to clean your home. Here is information on ultrasonic cleaners