What Clothing To Pack For a Winter Trip to Spain

How to dress in Spain during the winter


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Everything you need to know in order to dress like a local in Spain if visiting during the winter season!


The worst thing you can do is going on a vacation and be underprepared in regards to the attire you should or should not be wearing. In a country like Spain, the people pride themselves on their fashion and ability to look amazing no matter the season. So be sure to skip the flip-flops and the shorts that you may think a Spaniard wears while packing for your winter vacation.


Depending on the area you are traveling to in Spain, will determine whether there will be snow on the ground. So be sure to check the region and the forecast for weather for when you will be within the country, however, the generic weather in most regions can be “sweater weather.”


We’ve broken it up into attire for day and night, check it out below in order to get a good idea of what you should be packing!


What to pack for during the day in Spain:


In most areas of Spain during the winter, you’re going to want to refrain from packing shorts, t-shirts, open-toed shoes, and lightweight jackets. If you’re planning a trip to Spain during the winter you should know it is not the normal beach weather, it is actually quite chilly.


Pack long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jeans, and a warm jacket! You won’t necessarily need a parka, but something a little warmer than a denim jacket would be good to have. Women should also pack some longer skirts and dresses if they wish to attend church or dress up for an evening.


If you decided to go into the mountainous regions of Spain, be sure to pack for colder weather. Bring that parka or down jacket, gloves, hiking boots, or other snow gear.


No matter what, if you don’t want to stick out against the Spaniard crowd, avoid summer clothing and dress for a mild winter.


What to pack for during the night in Spain:


While you may have dressed casual during the day, this is normally not an option for Spaniards at night! In Spain, people get dressed up at night or avoid wearing their daytime clothing. It is important to take note of this as many restaurants or hotels will not allow you to dine or have a drink if you are underdressed.


For women, a casual dress or long skirt with a warm blouse will be the style of the evening winter attire. You can also get away with a nice pair of pants and a pretty blouse, as well. Remember it is going to be chilly so bring an appropriate jacket.


For men, a long-sleeved dress shirt and nice pants will be fine! Pack a tie or two, as some of the more upscale places will require it!


Quick Notes:


Just remember that Spain is home to some of the most notable fashion designers. So we strongly suggest packing light and finding some fun items there! The streets are full of vendors with homemade items or venture into the city and check out the fashion designer stores. Don’t be afraid to try out that item in your closet that is a little bolder! Spaniards are always ahead of the game, but dressed fashionably. If you are ever in doubt, dress up because they are often more fancy than Americans. At the same time, be sure to dress comfortably. Wear shoes that you can walk in and bring a hat if you are someone to tend to get cold easily.