What Difficulties Do Students Face While Studying?


The process of obtaining an academic degree never was easy. To become a part of society and qualified specialist you should spend some time and effort. Nothing is a given. But recently, more and more students become nervous, tired, and almost exhausted. When someone mentions the word ‘studying’, the students’ associations aren’t ones we used to hear. Only a small part of them talks about endless joy and parties with friends.

In reality, studying becomes a stressful factor for students. It shouldn’t be so, the time in university or college is the happiest. Especially if you’re not working. The curriculum writers want to make the most of students. It results in health problems and apathy to studying. Among the widespread students’ concerns and difficulties, we may allocate the following:

  • The absence of time-management skills, resulting in an inability to plan the spare time to perform assignments.
  • Students don’t want to attend class because the material is too hard.
  • The test causes panic and nervousness in the student’s mind; that’s why they get bad grades.

But the main difficulty is connected with the assignments. To be exact, with the writing of the essay. Although it consists of simple presentations of persons’ ideas and thoughts, many students fall into despair. They waste a lot of time in attempts to start writing, looking at the screen or blank paper. The reasons vary from a mere misunderstanding of writing techniques, formatting styles, or the absence of any ideas.

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