What Gift Can You Get Your Friend Who Has Everything?


Most people have that friend who is difficult to buy gifts for, they either have everything they need, or they buy things as they want them. Often this can leave you scraping around trying to find something they will like and perhaps even use. However, there are a few ideas that might just give you the answer you’re looking for.

Gift Cards and Certificates

You might have a friend that works long hours and so doesn’t have a lot of spare time to do things they like. It can also make their birthday and Christmas presents difficult, especially if they buy what they want. If you have a friend like that, then getting them a gift card or a certificate can be one of the best presents you can get them. People often think that getting a gift card or a certificate for a store is a cop-out and doesn’t show any thought. In fact, it can be quite the opposite, you know your friend well enough to know that they like to buy things themselves. You are giving them the opportunity to do that but paid for by you as a gift.

Get them an Experience

If your friend has everything they need, perhaps you can get them something a little different instead. There are many companies that are now offering experiences that you can buy for yourself or gift to someone else. They can be perfect for the friend who loves a thrill but doesn’t get the time to do anything. You can get them for hot air balloon rides, fast car driving, whitewater rafting and many others. You can also get more sedate experiences like wine tasting, cooking classes or theater experiences. These are often more than just the experience, they are also about making good memories and having some fun.

A Prepaid Service

Sometimes, giving a friend the opportunity to do something they haven’t done in a while can be just as valuable as any gift. Why not prepay for something that they can use such as a babysitter for a couple of hours or a house cleaner for a day. These options will give them time to do other things they don’t usually get time to do. If you don’t have the money for something like that, then why not offer to babysit for them or clean their house for them. It will be a genuinely kind thought and a great gift.  

Buy a Subscription Service

These subscription boxes are a great way to give people something that can last them all year. Plus, if they like what you’ve chosen, you can renew them again the following year. Subscription boxes are available from many companies, they are sent to the recipient every month and contain items relating to the gift. For example, if you know that your friend has dogs, then a dog subscription box is a perfect choice. It contains little treats and toys for their dog, and they change every month. You can get these subscription boxes for different themes such as beauty, fitness, and food lovers.


Memberships are often overlooked as gifts because people usually buy them for themselves or their family. However, they are a great way to give something that will continue to give pleasure for the whole year. For example, you could buy a yearly membership to a local museum or perhaps a wildlife reserve. These will be especially appreciated by those who love animals or history. It doesn’t have to stop there, you can also give memberships to things they can use at home. If they love television, then why not give them a membership to one of the streaming services. It would be especially appreciated by those who cannot afford to buy one themselves.

Personalized Gifts

Although your friend might have everything they want, they might not have anything personalized to them. These types of gifts can mean a lot to people because they carry a message from the person who bought it. You can have almost anything personalized, so if they love golf, you can get them a personalized golf club or golf bag. If they love jewelry, you can get a necklace personalized. If you are doing something for a loved one or a partner, then arranging for a photo of your family to be placed on a cushion or even a nice frame can be a great way to give them something unique.

Something Luxurious

If you have a friend who is always talking about being tired or cold, then you can use these things to give them a gift they will appreciate. For example, those who love a nap could be given a nice soft pillow, or the ones who are always cold could get a long fluffy scarf. Even if they have already got similar things, the fact that it has come from you and it has that added touch of luxury will make it more special.

Something Money Can’t Buy

For the person that has everything, getting them something that you cannot buy in the shops is a special gift. You can do this in many ways, for example, if they love a certain band, why not try to arrange a letter from them to your friend. Perhaps you can get them backstage as a birthday treat to meet the band? To achieve this type of gift can take time and a little determination to get the band to do it, but the effort will be worth it when you see your friends face. Along similar lines would be to see if there are any memorabilia for their favorite show that you can get for them. You will need to do a little research, but the outcome will be worth it.

There are many ways that you can find the perfect gift for someone. Although it might mean doing some research or hard work, the result will be a happy friend and a treasured possession.