What Is Pressure Cleaning and Why Your House Needs It


What Is Pressure Cleaning and Why Your House Needs It

Is your property looking run down and shabby? Do you want to revamp the paint but don’t know how to efficiently remove the old paint in it? If you’re stuck in this dilemma, you might want to consider pressure cleaning.

Pressure washers are very convenient to have for everyday use and because they’re portable, their usability is endless.  In this short article, we’ll explain what pressure cleaning is and the wonders it can do for your house. Warning: this might just make you want to buy a pressure washer of your own.


What is pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is using high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, paint, grime, dust, loose paint, chewing gum, molds, and even graffiti on surfaces, including your car, sidings, fences, and concrete.

Pressure cleaning is achieved through the use of pressure washers, with pressure ranging between 750 to 30,000 psi. Even military helicopters use pressure washers and you bet they’re the most powerful dirt-removing beast to ever exist.

What Is Pressure Cleaning and Why Your House Needs It

How do pressure washers work?

There are two types of pressure washers, (1) electric motor, and (2) gas engine. Electric motor pressure washers as the name suggests, uses electricity to run, while the gas engine type uses gas.

Pressure washers clean the surface fast because they use a narrow, high-pressure jet of water to blast away dirt. Because the water travels fast, it knocks off dirt like a constant flood of tiny hammer blows. With a pressure washer, you no longer have to deal with the smell of nasty chemicals or sweat it out with scrub; a simple hot or cold wash will finish the job in no time.

To use it, first, connect your tap/faucet to the water inlet. Next, plug it into your electricity supply. Then, get your high-pressure hose ready, and lastly, fire away! You can use a long spinning wand or a simple trigger gun. If you’re cleaning high surfaces, say removing cobwebs from your roof, a wand proves more useful. Make sure your tap/faucet is capable of producing at least 2 gallons of water per minute, otherwise, it won’t be able to keep up with the pressure cleaner.

Moreover, pressure washers can be so strong, so you might want to test it out in an inconspicuous area first to ensure you don’t cause any damages to the surface you’re cleaning. Also, don’t use it when you’re in a ladder, the pressure could blast you off and make you fall. Ouch!

The gas engine type is usually being used for commercial purposes because it generally has higher water pressure than the electric ones. Hence, its capable of heavy-duty deep cleaning. It can still be used for domestic or residential pressure cleaning, especially when you’re working outside and the electricity supply is a bit far or inconvenient.


5 Reasons Why Your Need Pressure Cleaning at Home


  1. You can easily wash away dirt on any season.

Every season is a challenge; winter leaves grime, summer brings dust, fall brings pests. Pressure cleaning helps you get rid of buildup grime and dirt, molds, algae, moss, stains, etc. easily without sweating it.

What could be hours of scrubbing can be easily done with just a few minutes of pressure cleaning. Thus, you can spend more time with family.


  1. It helps you prevents further damage on your property.

You need a pressure washer not only for the convenience it offers when you’re cleaning, but primarily because you want to preserve your property.


  1. It saves you money.

With a pressure washer, you get to the job fast and save money instead of paying someone else to do it for you.


  1. It helps you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property.

You can make your driveway, parking, fences, sidings, and deck look good as new without using hazardous chemicals that can harm your family and the environment


  1. It can clean exterior furniture and many more.

You can use your pressure washer to clean your grimy outdoor grill, dusty patio furniture, lawn mower, trash can, car, motorcycle, or boat! There are countless ways to use a pressure washer.

Pressure cleaning is so satisfying you would want to clean your neighbor’s house next!

Say goodbye to scrubbing, and say hello to pressure cleaning!