What Is the Best Decking for High Foot Traffic Areas?

If you are searching for the best decking materials, you should consider composite or wood boards. According to The Spruce, IPE is a hardwood that comes from Brazilian rainforests. It is beautiful and functional. 

It is just as hard as nails. Its strength is also comparable to that of steel. Because of this, IPE is the most preferable material for decks. It is a tropical hardwood that has natural properties. These make it a great for decking and other high foot traffic areas.


Advantages of IPE Decking

IPE decks are not only pleasant to look at. They are functional as well. The material can efficiently resist insects, rotting, and other elements that can destroy wood. So, if your deck is made with IPE, you do not have to worry about heat or termites.

You see, there are types of deck that give in to heat during the summer time. So, when you step on them, your feet will be hot. IPE is pleasantly different. It remains cool - even during hot summer days.

When it comes to hue and grain pattern, you will not be disappointed with IPE as well. It is rich brown with amber and red hues. It also has a very dense interlocking grain that can either be straight or wavy. It is also slip resistant.


Disadvantages of IPE Decking

Just like every other material on the market, IPE decking is not perfect. Nevertheless, it does not have a lot of disadvantages as compared to other materials. Anyway, before you make up your mind regarding IPE decks, see to it that you take note of the following cons:

  • IPE is expensive.

If your budget is tight, you may have a hard time building the IPE deck of your dreams. The total cost of the material and installation can be quite high.

  • IPE is heavy and dense.

This can be a problem if you want to do the decking installation yourself. Unless you are a professional installer, you may experience difficulty in completing the process.

  • IPE tends to turn gray.

Because of this, you have to seal your decking more often than if you used another type of material for it. The annual maintenance can be quite a hassle.


In spite of the above mentioned disadvantages, is IPE decking worth it?

Yes, it is worth the extra effort and money if you want a deck that can last for decades. The advantages would outweigh the disadvantages if hardness and aesthetics are important for you.

With this being said, make sure that you also take note of the grade when choosing high quality IPE decking. It is typical for lumber yards and decking companies to have their own grading scales. Nonetheless, most of them still stick to the usual terms.

You should also pay attention to the decking sizes and profiles. IPE planks tend to have standard lengths and widths, just like composite and traditional wooden deck boards. Then again, IPE planks are specialty products that you cannot easily find in hardware stores. 

So, if you want a beautiful IPE deck, you can check out online retailers and suppliers. You will find a wide variety of decking choices as well as matching accessories. They offer lengths and profiles at different prices to suit every customer’s budget and preferences.

You can also search around for shops that carry tropical decking styles such as Cumaru and Garapa. They might also have IPE. Sadly, you may not find IPE planks in your local Home Depot. So, you really have to check out major online retailers or small offline shops.

As for the prices and sizes, they tend to vary, depending on the manufacturer. So, it is better to do your research beforehand and ask for quotes to find out where you can get the best value for your money. Grooved boards tend to be more expensive than standard ones, though.

An IPE deck is indeed a great investment. It can make your home more aesthetically appealing, functional, and comfortable. It can also increase the market value of your home. Even better, it can last for a really long time. So, your children and grandchildren can enjoy its many great benefits for the years to come.