What Makes a Wine Cooler Perfect for Home Use?

A cooler for storing, preserving and aging fine wine is a must have for anyone who loves wine, and you most likely have one at home already, or at the very least, have plans for getting one soon.

Whether you want your first wine cooler to be perfect, or you just need a more updated model with precise weather control features, the few tips we are going to discuss next will ensure that you end up with a fine product, capable of offering all the features you need.

Take Your Space into Account First

Speaking from a practical perspective, the space available in your kitchen or basement needs to be considered first. Go through the following to know why that's so important.

  • If the cooler is too big and the storage area gets crammed, breaking an expensive bottle is likely after a tip or a bump!
  • Most wines need a dark environment to age well, so well lit sections are a poor choice
  • If you buy a wine cooler that’s too small, you are not fully utilizing the available space to its full extent
  • If the decor doesn’t go with the cosmetic design of the cooler, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Consider Your Wine Drinking/Collecting Habits

Unless you are really on a tight budget, a dual zone wine cooler is what you should aim for. They allow storage of two different types of wine at separate temperature and humidity settings. 

Single zone wine coolers are meant for handling only one kind of wine at a time, but they are, of course, a lot cheaper. In spite of the lower price tags, they are not ideal investments, since these limit your collecting capacity.

Do Your Own Research

Don’t just buy a cooler because it is manufactured by a reputed brand; instead do your own research online and go through expert reviews first. While trying to zero in on a new dual zone wine cooler, I found these reviews helpful for getting to know what new products, models and technology has launched in recent years.

Wine coolers are expensive, and so are the bottles you will be aging in them sideways, so it makes sense to do the research necessary for making the right purchase.

Understand the Importance and Relevance of Humidity Control in Wine Storage

Humidity control in a home wine cooler may or may not be necessary, but it depends on the following factors:

  • How long do you plan to store your wine?
  • How humid or dry is the climate where you live?
  • Are extreme weather conditions common in your area?
  • Are you absolutely sure that the humidity, or the lack of it, will not spoil your wine?

As most collectors will tell you, even home wine coolers can benefit from extensive humidity controls, because maintaining an ideal humidity of 60% - 70% becomes so much easier. Good coolers will automatically adjust to changes in climatic conditions around their environment, reducing the chances of wine getting spoiled. For collectors, in particular, it's a necessary feature.

As a final tip, we would say that it’s advisable to think a bit about the future of your collection as well. If you buy something that’s too small and minimalistic in features, you may have to invest more money in another soon. As quality wine coolers are designed to last for ages, it’s better to make a proper investment in buying a somewhat future proof cooler.