What Should I Expect from My Wedding Photographer?



There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting ready for your wedding day. This is why it’s so important that every single detail is taken care of well in advance. One of the moving parts that have no room for error, are the pictures and the video- you have to ensure that you hire someone reliable and knows exactly what they’re doing. 


You only get one shot at making the images perfect and memorable so that you can look back on this special day with the best pictures possible. You need to do some serious research in order to find the perfect fit for you. There are sites and apps that actually specialize in wedding photographers, and this is a great option to go for if you don’t know where to start. The photographers from PhotoBooker.com are credible, experienced and well-known photographers, and you can count on the quality. This is also a good way to look at samples and reviews to ensure that this is the look that you’re going for. So what is it that you should be expecting from a wedding photographer exactly? We’re going to cover a list that will clarify what you should be expecting from a credible wedding photographer.


You may have heard great things about a particular photographer, but you’ll never be 100% in until you actually have a look at their samples. These days, doing this is not as difficult as it used to be, because you can always check out their website or have a skim through their social media platforms, where they usually have a couple of pictures put up. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of their style. What comes after that is a meeting so that you can discuss the wedding arrangements and how they will plan their whole setup around your plans.


As with any other professional, you should expect that there is a specific booking procedure that will take place once you’ve both agreed on a plan. This involves a contract to be signed that will include the terms and conditions, the date, the terms of payment, and of course how much the down payment should be. This helps in making everything run smoothly since it is written on paper and signed by both parties to avoid any kind of conflict.  


What comes next is the planning for the pre-wedding photo session, as this will be the most important part of the professional photoshoot. This is sometimes offered as a complimentary gift from the photographer. Either way, you should opt for it, because it gives you the chance to have a couple of pictures without the stress of having to pose with everyone else. Many people even prefer to pick a specific site to do these pictures that usually has nothing to do with the wedding location itself. 



After the wedding is done, you usually meet up with the photographer to go through the pictures and the video, if you opted to have one made from the same photographer. You get to decide which pictures you want to have blown up to a bigger size, for example, and which pictures you’d like to have several copies of in case you’d like to distribute them amongst family and friends.


There are opportunities to create story-videos from the pictures as well, so make sure that you enquire about what different options there are when it comes to developing the photos. Lastly, comes the arrangement of payment once everything has been decided. This should be a stress-free endeavor because the contract had already been signed, and you will be informed of any extra costs if you require any extra requirements.


Once you understand how to go about hiring a wedding photographer and know what to expect, the whole process can go extremely well, without any issues whatsoever. It’s important that you are aware of the steps required as we’ve mentioned here so that you go about it the correct way. You need to really do your own research to find the perfect photographer for you, as this will depend on the look that you’re going after and the style of photography, because one photographer will differ from the other in terms of style and their process as well. Ask around, to see which ones are the most reliable and help in making the whole experience as smooth sailing as possible, because the last thing you want is to deal with a photographer that is not organized.