What The Heck is Kratom And Why Was It Banned in San Diego


There are many herbs in this world which hold immense importance in the field of medicine. However, one such herb which continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons is kratom. The only issue with kratom is it has no medical evidence in support of it. However, there are millions of kratom users in the world, and the demand continues to thrive rampantly every day. People who use kratom claim it has many health benefits for the body.

Where is kratom found?

Kratom is extracted in Southeast Asian countries. Indonesia is said to be the biggest exporter of kratom in the world. The rivers in Indonesia are regarded as the best for the growth of the kratom plant. When America started to have an opioid issue, Indonesians jumped in to claim the opportunity of growing this plant. Kratom is exported in the form of powder and as a plant to many different parts of the world.

How is kratom consumed?

The traditional practice was to boil kratom leaves and chew them, but now there is a vast array of ways in which it is consumed by people. Some of the common forms in which kratom is consumed by people are capsules, drugs, food, desserts, tea, kava, raw plant, powder etc. The most common way for people to consume it is in powder. If you want good quality lab-tested kratom powder you can visit kratom crazy.

What do people say about kratom?

Kratom is illegal in many parts of the world, yet millions of people consume it every day. They claim it has many medical benefits for the human body and does the following:

·         Provides relief from arthritis

·         Relaxes the mind

·         Improves the sexual experience

·         Boosts mood

·         Improves body strength

·         Is a good workout beverage

These are just some of the claims made by people, but medical science doesn’t support any of them which is why it is banned in many countries. Last year when a 27-year-old bodybuilder died from kratom overdose, the critics created a rage over the web and suggested many governments to ban it. However the fans equally put pressure on the state and didn’t allow for a complete ban on the plant.

People say it is a plant and should be treated like one. However, it is important to know the side effects of kratom which are:

·         Weight loss

·         Nausea

·         Liver damage

·         Constipation

·         Dry mouth

·         Changes in urine color

Where to buy kratom from?

In countries where it is legal, residents can buy it from local smoke shops and stores which are dedicated to kratom sales. However, the best way to buy kratom is to purchase it from an online vendor. There are many companies with good repute over the web and sell lab-tested good quality kratom to the customers. You will be intrigued to know a lot of people also like to grow kratom in their homes to have a natural experience.