What You Need to Know About Getting a Facial

Getting a Facial- When to Get One and What to Ask For?


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The same way we want to keep our body in top shape, we want to keep our skin radiant and healthy-looking at all times. Skin care requires a different type of shape and sometimes our at-home routine can be sufficient for maintaining the glow, but there are times like moving or seasons changing when our skin needs some extra attention from a professional.

What happens behind the scenes when our face is getting prepped for a facial? What type of facial does your skin need? Find out more with our guide to facial treatments!


Facials as a Preventive Care, not a Cure for Serious Skin Issues

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A trained esthetician can help you understand better how your skin works, educate you on how to take care of some simple skin conditions and can give you an overall idea of why facials should be included in your preventive care. However, for all the other skin issues like acne cysts, pigmentation flares, age spots, wrinkles, or any other skin change, make sure to go to the dermatologist first, for those problems you’ll need medical treatments.

These treatments are designed to help your skin with removing blemishes, moisturize, regenerate, and rejuvenate our complexion, facials are treatments you should book with a recommended professional. Some spa places lack regulation surrounding the industry, so make sure to ask more about the procedure and how they do their facial services. You don’t want to pay for a costly service and leave unsatisfied.

When to Get It

If your skin is currently experiencing stressful and a hormonal journey, booking an appointment with a facial expert soon is highly recommended. Getting a facial comes with a few-step process, and each step has an important role which is beneficial for your skin. Deep cleaning will help your skin get rid of toxins, targeted extractions will get all the bacteria buildup squeezed out, a calming massage helps with the circulation and blood flow, and a moisturizing mask is helping with the skin cell healing and regeneration.

If your skin is okay the way it is, then you’re on top with taking care of your skin, and your face is acne-free zone, most dermatologists would recommend just sticking with your at-home routine. Estheticians will recommend getting a facial once every season if your skin doesn’t have any problems, and once a month if you have problematic skin.


Why Get a Facial


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It’s more than a pampering experience for your skin even if you do it only twice a year. Steam machines often found at spa salons are easy and effective way of opening your pores and prepping your skin for what it will go through when the esthetician starts with extraction procedure. It’s needed as our skin shows imperfections better after the pores are fully open and a trained professional can spot and extract all the blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes we can’t see ourselves.

Another reason for getting a facial is that sometimes an esthetician can detect a skin condition that you may not notice and they could suggest taking it to the dermatologist to check it. Eczema is a common skin condition that needs medical treatment so we wouldn’t cause any damage to our skin.

Getting a facial also comes with skin advices, information about your skin type, and a quality regimen you would want to maintain. You can do much more for your skin by investing in a facial treatment than stacking up and trying out all the expensive skin-care products that may not even work for your skin.

Preventive care is a smart reason for getting a seasonal facial as they can help with preventing imperfections. Professional hands with tools like light therapy can remove the bacteria that cause inflammation during breakouts. A lot of places use high frequency, massages, or hot towels to relax the skin and minimize the redness and swelling after the facial is completed.