What are the Best Energy Efficient Gadgets for Smart Homes

The more technology we have, the more we can do to improve our carbon footprint, be more eco-friendly and a huge perk is - save money on our own energy costs.


We can now turn our homes into smart spaces. Tracking our energy uses, setting timers, and learning, through technology how to reduce our usage and keep some bank notes in your wallet. Living responsibly and more conveniently is something we should all be looking to accomplish. To find the most up to date information on the best appliances for your home, check out the appliance reviewer.



Why Go Smart?

Smart homes appliances are the ultimate in luxury and convenience, but they are also serving a global purpose. Even if you aren’t interested in saving the planet, you might be interested in not spending a lot of money - when you know, it is going to waste. Smart appliances have actually been around for a while now, over a decade in fact, but consumers haven’t been hungry for the setups until the last few years. So there are more options than ever.


Another perk? You are in total control. If you are on a traff that has a peak charge around 7-10pm, you can make sure that you work with that and have fewer appliances running during that period - instant saving.

Get Appy

A new smart home will come with many perks, one of them is apps on your mobile phone or tablet. You will be able to get a detailed breakdown in most cases about how to be more energy efficient - and that is the name of the game. Most smart home ecosystems will have a corresponding app, that will hook you up to everything.


In fact, you can even get kettles that will boil with the touch of a button.


If you are the type of person that leaves the light on when they leave the room, then you’ll need some help to kick your bad habits to the curb. Smart bulbs cost a touch more than the more traditional light bulbs, but not without reason. They last a lot longer, use a lot less power and are easier to control. You can set up timers and control the lights remotely. It’s pretty much the ultimate in convenience.


Smart lights will come with an app, as mentioned above, which will allow you to sit in the living room and turn the lights off to the kitchen with your phone. You can also integrate the system with Siri or Alexa for an extra pinch of luxury. This does mean you will be able to voice control your lights.


Getting a smart thermostat really makes sense. There are plenty of brands to choose from, but some have different functionality than others. Nest is a big name on the scene right now. It’s hailing the top spot because it is so easy to use. It uses minimal energy and is compatible with computers and smartphones. So you can adjust your temperatures from anywhere you are in the world.

Voice Assistants

Alexa and Siri have been helping to keep people organized for years now. With the new home ‘hubs’ they can pretty much manage every smart tech item you have in the house. They will connect to your lights, thermostat, entertainment systems and more. In fact, you can turn your lights on, turn the temperature down, and ask for your favorite tunes to be played and voila it will be done. You can also ask questions about your usage in some instances, which is very handy too.

Worth Noting

It is worth remembering that the initial setup cost for a smart home set up isn’t always the most pocket-friendly. But, this is about long term savings and energy efficiency. You should think about which appliance might make the most significant impact for you. If you are in a house of light leavers, then the bulbs will help you out. If you are forever forgetting to turn the heat off or down, then an app to help you manage that is ideal. If you can begin to work out where it is that you spend the money money, you will know where to put your initial investment.


It is not worth having the smart appliances if you don't make sure that the rest of your home is helping you in your quest for efficiency. For example, controlling the temperature is excellent, but if you don’t have double glazing, you’re still going to have a hefty heating bill.


Always be sure to check which appliances, apps and voice assistant work together. So you don’t accidentally waste cash and time with a system that won’t work in unison.