Black Caviar

What are the qualities in black caviar? 

More and more people have such a strong association between Caviar and Russia that it is generally assumed that the word caviar must be Russian practice. In fact, French and Italian through English, words of a coworker, probably lie in words or words in Turkish or Persian, which means 'egg'. collagen, after all, is a huge fish rod or egg, often angry. And when the siege is located and their eggs get from many places around the world, Russia's respected Caspian Sea is the fishing land for the most popular Bella Caviar.

Belga store said for black cavity production, again 40% of the stores showed, but today barely makes a market in the market. Today, low-cost pollution and less water than many coastal fishing and their black caravans are more popular for customers.


The second common misconception is that black caviar is the only type of desired. Belgaare may be the most recognized type of black coward, but there are many types of stores that appeal to specific users to a wide audience of users. Believers knew to produce Blue Qi, but the Ostraa and Sevago Sierra, usually, also produce a popular cavity.

Ostrave Cowboy

Osetra stores average at 60-80 years old, although there are more than 100 years of fish reports. The age of storage is important, as the age of fish, there is a fine change in the taste and color of the egg. Asstra adults, meanings are available for harvesting, anywhere between 12-15 years of cold water and 8-10 years of hot water. Over the siege's life, more than black cavity is spread over the amber colored cavity and it produces a soft raw taste which is compared to nutrients and cream.

How to serve

Whether you choose the traditional Belgae Black Cave or subset of Ostraa carrier, how you will serve your carrier, it will have a great effect on enjoying it. The cave should be placed in the best part of the refrigerator at 36 ° -39 ° F. Almost 15 minutes before serving the ostraction carrier, or in reality, any other type of carrier, Rai allows room to sit at room temperature. It will allow the flavor of coal to give coal to the most delicious state. Increase the taste by keeping the carrier vessel on a crush ice bed.

Eat caviar food

Maintaining the best flavor, Osetra can choose to serve a person, the key to enjoying the fun, dark carrier or other delicious varieties. To do so, several rules of serving service and food are set. To start with, connoisseurs say that using the silver service warehouse carrier should never serve which will affect the taste. Instead, wood, horn, mother's pearls or golden vessels are recommended.

Caviar says special

The special occasion is that sometimes there is a great opportunity to find the pearls called kings. Caviar Vendors has offered a price on prices of prices at a variety of prices, welcome to any quota - by nonsense. The carrier can make any celebration memorial as eaten alone, with fine friends or as a part of a modern recipe.