What do Celebs Look for When Shopping for a New Home?

Stunning Celebrity Homes

Stunning Celebrity Homes

Celebrities think nothing of dropping a few million bucks on a new home. For them, it’s the equivalent of shopping for a designer purse or prestige car. Since they probably own a few homes already, there is less of an emotional investment in the process. Nevertheless, there are a few features that all celebs look for when shopping for real estate.

Privacy and Security

Top of the list is privacy and security. Celebrity buyers are not going to snap up a palatial home in Martha’s Vineyard or a condo on Venice Beach unless it comes with an extremely high level of security. Many celebs buy homes in gated communities where security is high and access is restricted. This reduces the possibility of a deranged stalker or ambitious paparazzo gaining access to their home. 

Whilst a high-security perimeter is essential, a home also needs to be protected from curious neighbors and paparazzi with zoom lenses. Mountainside locations are popular, especially if the property is higher than every other home on the block. The higher you are, the more difficult it is to be overlooked. 

Beach homes with a secure stretch of private beach are another popular choice, as are high-security penthouse apartments in a prestigious neighborhood. 

Lastly, if none of the above works, high walls, and dense foliage are just as efficient at keeping out prying eyes. 

Luxurious Décor

Luxury is not optional. Celebs have money to spend, so they expect the best of everything, from acres of Italian marble and designer furniture to indoor pools and hundreds of guest bedrooms. Celebrities don’t design their own homes. Instead, they hire a professional interior designer with good taste. A celebrity home has to be suitable for a magazine photo spread at a moment’s notice, so a Billy bookcase from Ikea isn’t going to hit the right note. 

Showcase Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home and for celebrities it is no different. Whilst many of them hire a Galor personal and private chef to prepare their organic, low fat, gluten-free vegan meals each day, they still want a beautiful designer kitchen because it looks great in their Instagram photos. As with most things celebrity-related, the larger the kitchen is, the more desirable it will be.  

Outdoor Dining

An outdoor dining area is a must-have feature. You or I might be happy with a BBQ, but a celebrity will expect a full-fitted outdoor dining kitchen with an inbuilt barbecue area, refrigerator, and ample seating for friends. 

Swimming Pool

All celebrities love swimming pools, even if they hate the water. Lounging next to a beautiful heated pool is an essential angle for any body-conscious social media celebrity. One pool is essential, but two pools – one indoors and one outside – is even better. 

Great Views

A great view is desirable and money always buys the best views. Celebrities are willing to pay a premium for an ocean front property or mountainside location because the views are always stunning, whatever the season. 

If you were a celebrity, what would your perfect home look like? Tell us in the comments.

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