What is an Accidental Damage Buildings Insurance? Do You Need One?


As most of us know, home insurance is usually to cover damage done to our home. What we don’t always know is that there is a separate form of insurance that is needed to cover accidental damage.


Accidental damage buildings insurance is for those accidental causes of damage inside or to the home. The old saying is certainly true, accidents do happen. So it is usually up to us to prevent them. This isn’t always so easy, as we can’t monitor our home or property all the time. 


The question then becomes whether or not you need this insurance policy? This information might help you figure out if it is right for your needs.

1. Damages Caused by Children

As we know, accidents happen. These accidents can sometimes result in damage. This is very true when dealing with children. Children can be an absolute handful and any parent, guardian or babysitter knows it. In fact, it might even be an understatement.


In the case of those children that can be accidentally wrecking havoc around the home, things may be broken, stained or scratched. This is where accidental damage insurance comes in handy. Some of your possessions, like televisions, can be damaged by a child, which could result in a lot of money coming out of your pocket. Other damage can include juice spills that stain a carpet or rug.


If you have kids or regularly have kids of friends and family visits, it’s advisable to consider accidental damage buildings insurance.

2. Renovation Work

If you are doing renovation work to your home, some damages done during this process can be covered. Of course, the damage that is intentionally done wouldn’t be covered, but during the DIY process you could end up cutting or nailing the wrong piece of your home. In these cases, you can be covered.


An example that would be covered under the situations listed would be cutting through an internet cable in your wall. This would be accidental damage that the insurance policy would cover. It would usually be considered accidental as well because this damage is a nuisance to you as you would not have access to your internet or television.


So, considering renovations? Consider accidental damage buildings insurance too, just to be safe.

3. Damage Caused While Absent

Essentially, if any damage is caused to your home while you are not present, it’s likely going to be covered. An example would be something falling off of a counter and smashing, like glass. This is obviously considered an accident because no one is around to cause such an incident.


People who plan on taking trips often or use their property as a secondary home should consider this insurance policy because they are not there to prevent accidents. 

4. Expected Damage

There are obviously exclusions to what is caused by and considered an accident. Many of these are expected damages so they do not fall under accidental damage insurance coverage.


Unfortunately, damage caused by pets is not covered by the accidental damage insurance. It’s unfortunate if this is needed for any pet owners, but any kinds of pets like dogs or cats, are expected to do damage. Another expected damage is typical wear and tear of the home, which is usually scratched or evident age-related changes. 

5. Other Home Features

Other various features of your home that are covered can include bathroom fixtures (toilets, sinks, showerheads, etc.), work areas like in a garage, or kitchen countertops.


The reason these areas are considered accident covered is because of the amount of use and potential damage that can be done. If these are areas of your home that are often occupied or can be considered high accident-prone, then accidental damage buildings insurance policy could be something you may want to think about.


There are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself when you consider if you need accidental damages to buildings insurance. 


Some of these questions include what is and isn’t covered. For example; pets and typical wear and tear are not covered while damage caused by children can be. It may seem weird when children and pets are both considered to be risks to your possessions, but it’s more about the resulting damage.


Children may tip over juice and stain a carpet whereas pets usually scratch surfaces. Regardless, you should consider how your life situation and plans affect any accidental damage. If you plan on renovations, have kids, or are absent often, you should consider it.