What to Look For in Finding Quality Bathroom Products


An expertly remodeled bathroom is sure to provide you with years of both comfort and pleasure. However, do or have an amateur job done and you'll get reminded of that every day. Unfortunately, it is kind of a tricky place to be with loads of moving parts involved. Planning ahead and setting a budget are two of the best ways you can get ahead of the whole project. But, another key factor in the overall equation is what to look for in finding quality bathroom products. When considering investing in a bathroom remodelling project, most people not only want to ensure the results, please them, but also that it adds value to your house. This alongside also saving you money on energy and water too. Below are a few steps and tips that can help you take full advantage of all the latest technologies, design trends and, most importantly, bathroom products.

1. Choosing Appropriate Surfaces

The surfaces of your bathroom do a lot more than just offer aesthetic value. They usually take a lot of abuse as well. Porcelain tiles are what's most commonly considered ideal for bathroom surfaces. Especially, on the walls and floors. Choosing large tile sizes will minimize grout lines which will, in turn, help ease their upkeep. This might mean getting eighteen by eighteen-inch tiles for the floors alongside twelve by twelve inch tiles for either all the walls or just some of them. Porcelain material is also quite popular when it comes to bathroom sinks. Why? They don't chip that easily. Another especially stain resistant and durable material many people opt to use for their sinks in the bathroom is enamel-on-steel. For your countertops, know this, quartz and granite are now not only in the kitchen but for the bathroom as well. They've managed to deliver the same visual interest and durability.

2. Splurging On Showers


The Roman tub empire is officially kind of dead. This is in large part because most folks started realizing they could count how many times they actually used their bathtubs in one hand. The space the tub took is nowadays being replaced by larger showers, most times containing his and hers shower-heads, steam generators and even body sprays. For the creation of this sensual experience, your shower stall will need to measure at the very least around four by six feet. You'll have to most likely replace the standard three by three feet box set that most houses have. If you can afford to take your shower-stall up to the measurements of about five by seven feet, then a door is something you can even do away with. You can do this because the showerhead can now be placed in a way the spray does not reach past the shower area. Reviews at Showersly show clients some of the best shower heads on the market currently at their disposal.

3. Consider Water Saving


The bathroom products' water efficiency is something homeowners should strongly consider in order to reduce unnecessary water wastage, especially when you consider how frequently they use water in their daily lives. Many bathroom product manufacturers have begun attempting to integrate a holistic approach to sustainability into their businesses. They have started developing bathroom products that save both energy and water. They are now being designed to ensure sustainability in and around the business. Homeowners are being continually advised to consider products that are more eco-friendly. Hansgrohe, for example, offers their extremely innovative Ecosmart technology. Their latest Crometta shower heads are available in their new water-saving Ecosmart version. This tech helps limit water-flow to eight liters per minute.

4. Functionality

Most homeowners are finding themselves searching for bathroom products that have great functionality within their bathrooms. They're showing a lot more discernment when it concerns the products they are thinking of installing in their bathrooms. They're exploring smart and innovative technologies for a showering experience that'll offer them more pleasure. From showerheads, thermostats to basin mixers, many are in search of the latest high-quality bathroom products alongside whichever select technologies it provides. Consider the products that are easy to install and that don't take up unnecessary space or have any complicated setups. The ones that require no electronics and are purely mechanical usually happen to be the most ideal.

5. Space Constraints

Everyone loves a luxurious and spacious bathroom. Okay, maybe not everyone, but we think most people would, right? Especially, if the bathroom had been fitted with a big tub which you can soak in after a hard day’s work. Anyway...unfortunately, though, in real life, this may prove quite challenging in space constrained cities the likes of New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As many homeowners move towards dedicating a lot of their time in the creation of a quality bathroom, a space that's increasingly important for relaxation. They're also keeping an eye out for bathroom products that are space-saving to fit limited allocated spaces. You must consider space constraints before buying any bathroom products. However, by no means do we mean you compromise your showering experience by way of tech or design when we say space saving.

6. Warranty And Authenticity Of The Products

You have the option of either visiting boutiques or going online when in search of bathroom products. Buying them online can be fuss-free and easy, but, you'll need to be very careful and check that you're buying from a trusted website. Furthermore, more importantly, you need to ensure that the products that you're buying from these websites are authentic. Imitation goods and products make their way into trusted marketplace websites all the time. It happens to be something that isn't unheard of. The safest alternatives to this would be to either buy directly from their authorized dealers or from the manufacturer websites themselves.


When refurbishing an existing bathroom is concerned or when you're designing and developing a new one, there happen to be several both little as well as big things you'll need to consider. Some of which we've carefully highlighted in this article. Choosing the type of bathroom products you want to buy is definitely a top priority. Hopefully, this article has shown you a thing or two on how to go about the whole situation. It isn't the easiest of tasks, but we're sure you can handle it.