What's Happening San Diego! April 10th–16th

San Diego Events

Red Velvet at The Old Globe


When: March 24th–April 30th
Where: The Old Globe
This stirring drama transports audiences to the turbulent backstage world of London’s Theatre Royal in the early 1800s. In the production, Allison Mack plays Ellen Tree, a supporter of the young Aldridge. Two weeks away from opening night (March 30th), Red Velvet is scheduled to run until April 30th, with previews for the production beginning on March 25th. FINE Magazine spoke with Allison Mack about moving on from Smallville, her relationship with the Globe, and Red Velvet's impact on audiences.

First date sdmt


When: March 31st–May 7th
Where: Horton Grand Theatre
Opposites attract in this uproarious romantic musical comedy about the chances we take to find love. When blind date newbie Aaron meets serial dater Casey, a first date turns into a hilarious high stakes dinner. In an unexpected twist, Aaron and Casey’s inner critics’ transform restaurant patrons into scheming exes, overbearing parents, and supportive best friends who sing and dance them through their date. Will Aaron and Casey be able to turn this disastrous date around before the check arrives?

The Old Globe


When: April 8th–May 7th
Where: The Old Globe
Times are tough in 2008 Detroit, but there’s still one working auto plant. The long hours and demanding shifts have turned the line workers into a family. The firm, compassionate Faye holds them together, and she’s only months away from retiring with her full pension. The production, shown at the Globe's theatre-in-the-round, details the 2008 auto crisis in Detroit. As auto plants begin shutting down, Faye, mere months away from retirement, is stuck between loyalty to her coworkers and her own personal goals. The production, directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, premieres April 13th; in the meantime, we spoke with actress Tonye Patano about Skeleton Crew, the Detroit crisis, and what she keeps in the truck of her car.

north coast rep


When: April 12th–May 7th
Where: North Coast Repertory Theatre
Eccentric Aunt Augusta swoops in and shakes up the life of her staid bourgeois nephew. She ignites the lust for adventure that is buried within his gray flannel soul. Four highly versatile actors tackle more than 20 roles in this life-changing, offbeat odyssey. Travels with My Aunt previews begin Wednesday, April 12.  Opening Night on Saturday, April 15, at 8pm, includes a post-show reception. There will be a special talkback on Friday, April 21, with the cast and artistic director. It will play Wednesdays at 7pm, Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm with Sundays at 7pm, through May 7, 2017.