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What’s New at Liberty Public Market

Gaining popularity around San Diego, the recently finished Liberty Public Market continues to expand, adding even more to the selection of local, homemade goods. For those of you who have not yet explored Liberty Station, it is a public market, open daily from 11 am to 8 pm, located just off the harbor in Point Loma. The goal of the venue is to provide a gathering place for local artisans to showcase their work, including specialty cuisine, a long list of craft beer and California wines, fresh produce and crafted goods. A massive public dining space, the market has indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a pet-friendly patio. This bustling market has added new eateries that will enrich your palette; whether you prefer sweet, savory, comfort food or fine dining.

Roma Express

This family-owned Sicilian shop opened in August and serves sweet and savory treats made from scratch. The owner, Alfredo Dinunzio and his wife, aspired to give a fun twist to the traditional foods Arancini and Cannoli. Arancini are classic Sicilian rice balls, which are coated with breadcrumbs, stuffed with cheese, and fried. The more widely known cannoli is also Italian, made by filling a pastry with rich custards. They offer 6 different flavors of the rice balls; Bolognese and 3 Cheese being two of the most popular selections. Though a traditional Arancini is larger, the Impalas downsized theirs to make a more suitable appetizer.

Where the shop gets most of its business though, is from the mouthwatering cannolis, available with a wide variety of toppings. This delicate tubular pastry is very customizable, with some creative twists like the Salted Butterscotch, Chocolate Dipped, Fruity Pebble, and Matcha. Frozen Cannoli Pops are a great alternative, especially on a hot sunny day. Everything is served in an egg carton, always accompanied by a delicious dipping sauce. Maren has told us to watch out for their second location, opening up in Fashion Valley next summer. 

Liberty Public Market

Crackheads and Doughballs

James Markham, the inventor of fast-casual eateries MOD Pizza and Project Pie, has recently bought two new creations to Liberty Public Market: Doughballs, a pizzeria specializing in wood-fired pies, and Crackheads, an all-day breakfast bar that serves egg-based breakfast sandwiches and other "am" themed treats.

Doughballs, which opened in September, is a taste of the newly opened restaurant in Pacific Beach. They differ from other pizzerias, being the first to offer drive-thru service for wood-fired pizza. Located in the market's dining room, the eatery provides a menu with 10 signature pies, as well as customizable options. All pizzas are created with hand-tossed dough and fresh ingredients, in less than 90 seconds. One particularly tasty option, “Sticky”, is a pie topped with mozzarella, parmesan, prosciutto, Brussels sprouts, and garlic. These quality pies, cooked in a classic brick oven, cost just $11 with tax. Doughballs is open from 11 am to 8:30 pm daily, and the menu accommodates for gluten-free and vegetarian dietary needs.

The entirely different, Crackheads, is a DIY breakfast bar featuring Breakfast Sandwiches, Pop Tarts topped with ice cream, and build-your-own cereal bowls. The gourmet Breakfast Sandwiches are served with fluffy, toasted buns from Bread and Cie. The signature menu “Crackhead” includes bacon, eggs over easy, cheddar cheese, and the house-made "crack" sauce. Other toppings include bacon, extra egg, avocado, and fennel sausage. The cereal bowls provide you with choices from the best ingredients, making them a delicious mix of familiar and fresh. You can choose from 10 different cereal kinds, with your choice of milk and toppings that appeal to a variety of tastes, from Oreos and marshmallows to coconut flakes and strawberries. Furthermore, Markham's latest concept of “Jarfoods” will also be available at this location. These are unique, high-quality dishes, all made in recycled mason jars. 


RakiRaki Ramen

One of the top ramen kitchens in San Diego, Rakiraki Ramen, has recently emerged in Liberty Station along with a location in Little Italy. Opened in October 2012, Rakiraki is an authentic Japanese eatery, with an emphasis on handcrafted cuisine, fare includes sushi rolls, curry, and a variety of rice bowls. Rakiraki is, of course, most famous for its simmering hot Ramen bowls, which have gained praise across the city time and time again. 

Ramen is made with a blend of tonkotsu and chicken broths, providing rich and bold taste to the noodles. One of the popular dishes, the Premium Miso Ramen, includes exceptional miso broth with bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed, green onions, sprouts, crushed sesame, and garlic chips. All Ramen and Tsukemen can be topped with a selection of protein and vegetables. This new location has livened up their menu by including a selection of sushi burritos and customizable poke bowls. They are open daily, with slightly later hours on the weekends. Warm up, or recover from last night's party by inhaling the spicy aromas of this authentic Japanese ramen. 


Smoothie Rider

Once a top chef, the creator of Smoothie Rider was anxious to return to the wholesome ingredients she had seen as a child, growing up in a farmer's village. Joined by her two stepbrothers, these dedicated foodies started a food truck, serving smoothies made with the freshest, locally grown ingredients. Debuting in a store for their first time, Smoothie Rider is an exciting new addition to the Liberty Market. All the fruits and vegetables used in these delicious and unique beverages is from local farmers. This trendy little company is dedicated to only using seasonal ingredients, all of it from California, thereby reducing their ecological footprint, while supporting the local economy. 

For a heartier snack, try one of these smoothies, that is specifically meant to be consumed using a spoon. The "SoCal" is a lovable combination of greek yogurt, berries, peanut butter, bananas and flax seed. Another nutritious and satisfying snack is the overnight oat jar, which comes in three varieties and includes a base of rolled oats and almond milk, combined with ingredients like chia seeds, coconut chips, all sweetened with just a hint of agave.