Tesla Teases New Model Y Car as Cheaper Model 3 Nears Production

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The Hottest Affordable Electric Car

Will the Tesla Model 3 be available on the streets of San Diego in 2018?

The Tesla Model 3 has been placed center stage for the EV revolution. With its release to the general public who hold reservations, set for late October, Tesla will have big shoes to fill considering the Model 3’s over 500,000 reservations. “The major challenge for us is how do we build a large number of cars, frankly, we are going to be in production hell.” Said Elon Musk at the first Model 3 handovers.  So, what’s all the fuzz? With the base model listed at $35,000, it brings a sleek, sexy and tech-oriented package to the general public for a price that won’t break the bank.

When the driver steps into the simplistic cockpit of the Model 3, starts it up and hits the gas pedal, or shall I dare say the go-input, he or she can expect an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 5.6 seconds. With the use of the induction motor, rather than a fossil fuel engine, the driver can expect an instant hair-raising response from a fully stopped position. Some of the robust Tesla styled features include; 15″ touchscreen with onboard maps & navigation, Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity, keyless entry, remote climate control, and voice-activated controls.

The standard 50 kWh battery gives the Model 3 a 220-mile range, that can be upgraded to a 75 kWh battery. With its extended range package, the larger battery has a splendid 310-mile range, an acceleration upgrade to 0-60 mph in 5.1 and an 8 year, 120,000-mile warranty. Tesla designed it to be the safest car in its class, but they also nail so many other key factors in the revolution of the EV market.

With the other fully electric competing cars, like the Chevy Bolt EV or the Nissan Leaf, the Model 3 claims a comparably long-range battery that they do, but one thing they don’t: an elegant, desirable look, that will turn heads.

The Model 3 resembles a gas-powered luxury sedan, rather than the awkward contours, and oddly shaped headlights that are so iconic of the humble beginnings of the affordable electric vehicle. The grill-less front-end screams less is more. Add the promise of autonomous driving capabilities in the future, it’s easy to see why so many anxious Tesla enthusiast reserved a Model 3.

The Enhanced Autopilot feature is a big selling point for those interested in the technology aspect of this vehicle. Your Tesla will match speed to traffic conditions, keep within a lane, automatically change lanes without requiring driver input, transition from one freeway to another, exit the freeway when your destination is near, self-park when near a parking spot, and be summoned to and from your garage. The Model 3 is equipped with the hardware needed for full self-driving capability. Eight cameras, coupled with twelve updated ultrasonic sensors, allow for detection of both hard and soft objects. Underneath the clean front end sits a forward-facing radar, allowing the vehicle to process additional data able to see through heavy rain, fog, dust, and even the car ahead.

“The Giga Factory will have the largest footprint, of any building, of any kind.” Said CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, at the Model 3 unveiling, to accommodate the gargantuan demand for lithium-ion batteries for its ramped-up productions of the Model 3. Shortly after, in July of 2016, Tesla had the Giga Factory’s Grand Opening. “To ultimately make millions of electric cars,” announced Elon.

The companies target was to make 1,500 Model 3 sedans between July and September, but with the number of Model 3’s sitting at around 260, it has left many wondering when the actual delivery date on their Model 3’s will be.

“Reserve your Model 3 today for delivery in 12 to 18 months.” Boldly claims Tesla on their website. Maybe some lucky San Diego consumers will be driving that sleek Model 3, carving those beach highways in early 2018, only if they reserved very early on. For those who haven’t yet, it will be late 2018 and into 2019 until a Model 3 can sunbathe on their driveway. Keep those eyes peeled, the EV revolution is at an electrifying speed, but when the Model 3 will make its full-fledged dent in the market, is an answer that Silicon Valley giant, Tesla, will provide with time.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the time he hoped to make 1,500 Model 3 sedans between July and September, reported the Wall Street Journal on October 2nd.

The major challenge for us is how do we build a large number of cars, frankly, we are going to be in production hell.