Where and how to find the best Edinburgh Roof Repair Experts

Roof repairs are something every Edinburgh property owner may have to deal with at some point, and also, perhaps, one of the things they dread the most, because not only do they generally need to be dealt with quite quickly, there’s the worry about dodgy ‘tradesmen’ and potentially high bills to deal with too. For more information about roofing in edinburgh, check out the following site:


The good news is that there are plenty of good roof repair companies who cover the Edinburgh area, and here we share some tips on both where and how you can find them.

Where to get leads on top class Edinburgh roof repair experts

Tradesmen sites
This is the easiest way to check out several roofing companies at the same time. Although each site uses their own criteria to admit and rank members most feature reviews from previous customers as one of the key factors. Some examples are:

MyBuilder.com – any tradesperson can as to join but a third are rejected for not meeting the site’s high standards after they have been thoroughly evaluated. This site is very user-friendly, you simply post the job you need doing and the details are then sent straight to registered tradespeople who have the right skills to do it. Those available respond and you can choose between them after checking their details (such as work experience and customer feedback.) As a good reputation is vital to their success the system works well.

• TrustedTrader.com – this site is slightly different, as all on it have been officially vetted by Edinburgh Trading Standards and they have agreed to follow a strict code of practice. Customer feedback covers topics such as value for money, reliability, and quality of the service provided.

• Yell.com – although the roofing repair people listed on this site are reviewed by customers anyone can list their business here for free, and without any vetting.

Selling sites

Gumtree is a popular website for both listing and finding local services, and plenty of roof repair companies advertise on it. Many are small or quite new businesses and they are still worth checking out.

Word of mouth
It’s always worth asking people you know for recommendations, especially if you have seen work they’ve had done and been impressed by it.

How to choose a great roofing contractor

Now you have plenty of leads you need to narrow the possible candidates down and find the best roofing experts among them. You probably already read their reviews, so here are some more things you can ask about before making a final decision:

Do they offer a free, no obligation quote? This is essential.

What experience do they have of the work that needs doing? (One to ask if you know

           what the problem is, or after they take a look and identify it.)

Can they guarantee a rough timescale for the job (weather permitting)?

Do they stagger payments so the final part is due after the work is finished? They

          should, so avoid anyone who wants all the cash upfront or before completing.)