Which is Better: A Firm Mattress or Soft Mattress?

This is one of the usual queries that mattress manufacturers always get. It's not surprising, considering that the right mattress will play a significant role on how well-rested you are going to be.


Whether you want a firm bed or a softer bed, a custom mattress will be the solution to all your needs. The manufacturer can help hit that sweet spot--a perfect blend of firmness and suppleness that no factory-designed mattress can ever provide.


Firm or Soft- That is the Question


If your body is relatively healthy, it all boils down to preference. Some people love that they sink into the foam. Others want a little bounce for their beds.


With that said, a mattress that is not tailor-made for your particular needs will result in more problems in the future. A custom mattress should be able to support your spine correctly. Most people are not aware that the spine has three main curves, and they should be supported in their natural state, whether you are in a horizontal or supine position.


What's the best mattress for people with a bad back?


If you have a bad back, however, it's best to talk to the orthopedic for a recommendation. Generally, you would want a middle ground--not too soft and not too firm — the Goldilocks of beds.


The firmness level should not fall under five and not exceed past seven on the scale. It will give you the right amount of push-back, as well as contour. 


It's easy to find out if you have the wrong mattress. The next morning when you rise, you won't feel rested. You feel pain in different parts of your body, most notably the neck, lower back, and shoulder areas.


Eventhough there's a scale for firmness, there's also a lot of gradient between soft and hard.


A custom mattress would be able to make you a Goldilocks bed.


Measure Before Going for a Custom Mattress


Custom mattresses are unique in their way in terms of size, material, firmness, and purpose; it's hard to estimate how much they would cost. 


If you want to get a free quotation to get an idea of your budget, you need to:


  1. Get the measurement of the bed or the surface that you will lay the mattress down on. Make sure to get the length at the longest point and the width at the widest point. There's no need to be super accurate about it because the vendor will only give you the estimate.
  2. You will also inform the height of the mattress that you are looking for to the manufacturer. 
  3. You will then have to share ideas on what do you prefer for the foam material, cloth cover, and firmness.


A 2009 research study confirmed that merely changing the mattress will improve the quality of sleep for the users. You have to remember that you spend about a third of your day on your bed. You must be entirely comfortable when you wake up from the bed.