Why A Quiet Home Is A Luxurious Home


Silence is a luxury not all of us can afford, especially those of us with kids, or roommates if you happen to be in college. Having peace and quiet is good for everyone though, and it's something that we should all strive for at least some of the time. It's not reasonable to demand silence indefinitely, but there are some serious reasons why a quiet home is a luxurious home.

Everyone Needs Some Quiet Time

We all need some time for self-reflection and peace, and a noisy household does not offer this luxury. If you reduce the amount of noise around the house, you'll be able to rest, reflect, and be refreshed. It's important to note that this kind of time isn't just for you, it's something that everyone in the house can benefit from. Talk to your significant other about the noise in the house if they're being particularly obnoxious with things like the television. Just ask them to turn down the volume you so you can both enjoy a bit of peace, and move to another room if you have to.

Improves Sleep Quality

Having lots of noise in the house isn't contributing to the sleep hygiene of anyone. If you're noticing loud noises, but a partner (or teenager) who isn't self-aware of the sounds they're causing, this can be frustrating. Sometimes even appliances that are meant to help us sleep, such as fans can do more harm than good if they're particularly loud. All the coolness in the world is a drop in the bucket compared to being able to sleep soundly. If you're wondering to yourself, “can fans be silent?” the answer is yes they can. Having a quiet fan in the room can contribute better to sleep hygiene than a noisy one.

Helps You Concentrate

If you're a student, have kids at home, or you're trying to sort through the bills, a lot of noise around the house makes it difficult to concentrate. The expression “I can't even hear myself think” exists for a reason, because loud sounds decrease our ability to focus effectively. You can talk to your kids about having a flexible hours of quiet time everyday where they can do something by themselves for the hour. It will help if it's something that they want to do, within reason, and it will let you focus and be able to use your brain.

Gives You Time To Work Out Problems

The human brain works on the problems most often when it has downtime, and isn't being distracted. When we're bombarding our brains with a constant influx of conversation, entertainment streams, and social media, we're not giving ourselves a chance to fix what might be wrong in our life. If you're facing challenges or difficulties in your life right now, it may be best that you put the phone down, and television off, and read a book. Even rudimentary tasks like chores around the house – when done in silence – contribute to problem solving activities within the brain.

It's Healthy For Everyone

Did you know that newborns that are introduced to excessive amounts of volume are more likely to develop heart and lung problems? Did you know that adults are higher risk for the same complications if they too are exposed to volumes that are too high for too long? Do yourself a favour and give yourself some well-earned quiet time during the day. Both your body and your brain will be thanking you.

Less Stress

Sometimes we might not know why we're stressed, we just are. It's no wonder, we deal with social interactions all day while we're at work, shopping, and then we can come home to a house that's potentially too loud. These levels of stress, raise cortisol levels in your body and they can contribute to heart disease. They also make you less likely to be able to converse in a calm, collected, and patient manner. If you want to unwind and be able to look through the lens of a calmer perspective, try making things quieter around the home.


Having a completely silent home isn't always possible, but there are benefits to having periods of quiet. It helps us self-reflect, and get some good rest in. The reduction in noise and distraction also helps with concentration, and solving through our everyday problems. If you have a newborn, or you're just looking to be healthy and reduce your stress, some peace and quiet is definitely warranted. Having a quiet home certainly makes it a luxurious home.